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#117 July 2020 - Tapping for Runners

#116 June 2020 - Positive Self-Talk Improves Endurance Performance

#115 May 2020 - Learn How to Relax to Improve Running Economy

#114 April 2020 - Do you Nose Breathe while Running?

#113 March 2020 - Running and Self-Isolating

#112 - February 2020 - A Rude Affirmation for Running!

#111 - January 2020 - Feldenkrais for Runners

#110 - December 2019 - Are You Prone to Running Injuries

#109 - November 2019 - The Real Cause of Running Injuries

#108 - October 2019 - Why Do We Experience Running Pain?

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Running News

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  1. Is barefoot running good for you?

    Aug 07, 20 06:33 AM

    Barefoot running allows us to strengthen the unique design of our feet, which gives us the ability to run in an upright position--unlike any other creature.

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  2. Tapping For Runners

    Jul 28, 20 12:15 PM

    Tapping for runners helps you recover faster from running injuries. Quickly and easily learn this therapy to heal and recover from injuries.

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  3. How to Prevent Running Injuries

    Jul 28, 20 09:38 AM

    Prevent running injuries by keeping your mind and body in perfect harmony--your best defense against injuries!

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  4. Barefoot Running Shoes

    Jun 28, 20 11:49 AM

    Are you ready for barefoot running shoes? Which ones will you buy?

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  5. Use Positive Self-Talk to Improve Endurance Performance

    Jun 23, 20 10:03 AM

    Positive self-talk is a psychological strategy often used by successful athletes as studies show that self-talk improves endurance performance.

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  6. Can the Paleo Diet Sustain Runners Needs?

    Jun 07, 20 05:48 AM

    The Paleo diet for runners -- can it sustain the nutritional demands of runners? If we eat like our ancestors ate, will be run better?

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