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#103 - May 2019 - A Quick Fix for the Sluggish Run

#102 - April 2019 - An Inner Body Awareness Technique to Run Injury Free

#101 - March 2019 - Behaviour Kinesiology Can Help Us Become Stronger Runners

#100 - February 2019 - How to Stay Motivated for Running

#99 - December 2018 - Give Yourself the Give of Runners High

#98 - November 2018 - 3 Reasons You Need to Smile While Running

#97 - October 2018 - A Simple Trick to Recover Faster From an Injury

#96 - September 2018 - 5 Unexpected Benefits of Barefoot Running

#95 - August 2018 - A Simple Trick to Run Faster Effortlessly

#94 - July 2018 - Do I Have a Stress Fracture Injury?

#93 - June 2018 - How to Meditate on Running Injuries

#92 - May 2018 - Can Fear Cause Running Injuries?

#91 - April 2018 - Be Tolerant of Weakness While Running

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Running News

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    Jul 16, 19 11:45 AM

    Mantras for running are powerful! They can help you stay strong mentally and physically while running.

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    Shop Nike at 6pm! Valid 7/14 - 7/20.

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    Jul 03, 19 10:55 AM

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    Jun 26, 19 12:25 PM

    There are lots of cheap barefoot running shoes on the market now. It's a great time to give barefoot running a try without investing a lot of money!

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  5. Is barefoot running good for you?

    Jun 26, 19 05:45 AM

    Many runners are switching to barefoot running, but it is not a new fad. It has been evolving for the past 2 million years. We used to run to survive either barefoot or with minimal foot coverings.

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    Jun 24, 19 10:32 AM

    End Your Running Pain NOW! Accomplish your running goals easily & injury free. This mind altering program is for runners who never want to suffer from another injury with these powerful affirmations f…

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