Use Behavioural Kinesiology to Become a Stronger Runner

Behavioural kinesiology is a holistic program that uses muscle testing responses to various stimuli received physically or mentally for diagnostic purposes. The technique is often referred to as manual muscle testing (MMT).  We can use behavioural kinesiology to become stronger and healthier.  We can use the knowledge discovered in this discipline to positively stimulate our muscles and keep them strong while running.

A number of studies have been conducted using muscle response to test true or false statements with consistent results, i.e. a muscle stayed strong after a patient spoke true statements or a muscle went weak after speaking false statements. Other studies conducted have tested muscle strength using positive and negative statements which also showed consistent results in muscle testing. For example, muscles test stronger to a positive statement such as "you are beautiful" but weaker in response to the negative statement "I hate you." 

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In the studies that tested true/false statements, subjects tested had no prior knowledge of the topic and their muscles consistently tested stronger in response to true statements and weaker to false statements. How is this possible? How does the body (muscles) know if something is true or false with no intellectual knowledge of the topic?

Behavioural Kinesiology

Dr. David Hawkins concluded in his book, "Power vs. Force" that there is a collective human consciousness that we all have access to even if we are not conscious of it. This radical conclusion marks the beginning of a new approach to scientific thinking and testing allowing for the possibility that human consciousness (spirituality) exists, is powerful and it can and does affect matter.

Muscle Testing Demonstrated!

We can easily learn MMT and use it to demonstrate the principles of behavioural kinesiology. Watch the video below to see how you can test muscle strength using various stimuli.  It clearly demonstrates the power of positive thoughts (thoughts that we are in harmony with)  on the strength of our bodies.  It explains how we subconsciously create self-sabotage situations and how we can use this technique to uncover subconscious limiting beliefs that are restricting our energy.

Behavioural kinesiology can also be used to help us choose which foods are better for us. In this study applied kinesiology was found to accurately predict food allergies.

How Behavioural Kinesiology Helps Us Become Stronger Runners

So how can we use this knowledge to keep our muscles strong while running? As our muscles are stronger when exposed to positive mental stimuli, we must actively provide positive stimuli while running to stay strong.  Possible examples would include: smiling, embracing nature's beauty, feeling grateful, feeling love for someone you care about, enjoying the moment, thinking happy thoughts, etc. This is why positive affirmations are so beneficial while running, such as, "I am a strong and healthy runner." 

What other positive stimuli can we use to help us feel stronger while running? (Please share your suggestions in the comments below.)

Why are Positive Statements True?

Most of us have already experienced the effect of negative/positive stimuli during our own running experiences. We have had great, strong runs when we are happy and positive and awful, painful runs when we are in a less than positive mood. 

Now we have evidence that explains why our bodies react this way. However, there is another concept here that needs consideration. If our bodies test strong only for true and positive statements, is this an indication that only positive aspects are true for all of us? Is this our true nature? Is it only our limited and negative beliefs about ourselves that are false and hold us back? How powerful could we be both mentally and physically if we had no limiting or negative beliefs about ourselves? 

We can consider this concept from a spiritual perspective and acknowledge that we are divine, perfect, whole beings experiencing life in a limited human body. Any statement, thought or symbol that contradicts this is false, denies our true nature, and creates disharmony and weakness in our bodies.  Could this technique simply be a way of telling us what we really are?

Our subconscious mind holds many beliefs that do not serve us and contradict our true essence.  We can use MMT to uncover those beliefs and bring them to our conscious mind where they can be corrected and healed. 

Behavioural Kinesiology was first developed by psychiatrist Dr. John Diamond and is explained in his book, Your Body Doesn't Lie: Unlock the Power of Your Natural Energy! He helped his patients rebuild strength and stamina following stressful, life-changing events. His integrated system for assessing and evaluating the effects of stimuli on the body enables us to gain a new understanding of the body's energy system. Using investigative muscle testing, a  stress reduction program, and correction of emotional attitudes, rebalancing and enhancing the body's energy can be facilitated, resulting in an improvement in overall health.

Have you tried muscle testing using Behavioural Kinesiology methods? Please share your thoughts and comments below. 

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