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1) Positive Affirmation for Running Audio Recording Set

This special audio set contains 2 recordings of 20 positive affirmations for running. Both recordings include soothing harp music; however, one is a subliminal recording of the affirmations. In this subliminal recording, the affirmations cannot be deciphered as they are mixed in with the beautiful harp music. However, the affirmations will be picked up by your subconscious mind.

Positive Affirmations

This recording is both relaxing and beneficial as the affirmations are processed and stored directly and effectively by the subconscious mind. You can enjoy listening to this subliminal recording when you want to relax but still want to get the benefits of hearing the positive affirmations. 

2) The Running Form Template! 

The Running Form Template summarizes the components of a good running form, explained simply and clearly, removing the confusion of how to run better!!

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Running Form Template

When you learn to run using a proper running form, you utilize your maximum running economy—how efficiently you use oxygen while running at a specific pace. You are not wasting precious energy with unnecessary movements.

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