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Recover Quickly from a Running Injury Now!

Heal faster than you ever thought possible!

This healing meditation will help you recover faster from an injury by activating and strengthening the healing process. Help yourself heal faster in only 18 minutes.

Let this running injury healing meditation help you:

  • increase your positive expectations
  • activate healing
  • train your mind
  • and remove blocks to healing


Stop Running Pain in 21 Days!

Use the Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Run Pain Free. Confidently. Efficiently.

Stop Running Pain

Do you suffer from repetitive running injuries? Are you frustrated with the continuous cycle of injury and recovery that so often interferes with your training?

Is it a coincidence that when your running performance begins to improve, you are suddenly hit with an injury? Is it possible that we subconsciously sabotage our success? Maybe deep down we feel we are not worthy of success or we are afraid of success. 

Stop Running Pain in 21 Days is an effective and easy to use program to help you get off the injury cycle and begin to enjoy pain and injury free running. 


20 Affirmations for Running
A Special Audio Recording

Affirmations for Running

Listening to an audio of recorded running affirmations can be more effective than repeating your affirmations and it's convenient too. You can listen to an affirmation recording anytime that is convenient for you: while you are driving, doing chores around the house, when relaxing, during running, before going to bed, etc. 

These running affirmations are designed to help you create a strong self-image and overcome fears and weaknesses. They are energizing and motivational and can help you discover your true potential and achieve your running goals!

This is a very special audio set of recordings as you will also receive a subliminal recording mixed down with some beautiful harp music. 


A Race Visualization Exercise
to Help you Achieve Your Goals

Race Visualization Exercise

This race visualization exercise is a powerful tool to help you mentally prepare for that big race you have been training so hard for. It will help you feel confident and overcome pre-race anxiety so you can be your best on race day.  

We all tend to get nervous before a race even if we are well prepared. You will learn to master the technique of visualizing as you visualize (experience) an upcoming race before doing it. You will feel more confident and less anxious. Achieve your goals by imagining them first. 


Peaceful Runner Products

Beauty and Body Awareness
- A Guided Running Meditation

Guided Running Meditation

This guided running meditation is designed to help you become a happy and injury free runner. Listen to this meditation while running to help you improve your running ability, improve your running form, increase your energy level, reduce injuries and much, much more!


A Mindful and Gentle Guided Running Meditation

Guided Running Meditation

This guided running meditation is designed to help you run with less impact, improve your breathing, overcome tiredness, improve mindfulness, reduce injuries and much, much more!


A Guided Loving Kindness Meditation for Runners

A guided running meditation designed to help you develop self love and compassion for others. A loving kindness meditation will help you gain insight into all your relationships as you learn to walk in friendship with yourself and all beings. Start your journey on the road to joy and inner peace today!


Peaceful Runner Products Bundles

Guided Running Meditation Bundle

Save when you buy all 3 Guided Running Meditations now!


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