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Blog Entries

Tapping Solution for Running Injuries

What is the Tapping Solution and how can it help you recover from running injuries? You can easily learn to perform this therapy yourself to help you heal and recover from running injuries.

Continue reading "Tapping Solution for Running Injuries"

How to Use a Foam Roller and other Recovery Tools

It's easy to learn how to use a foam roller, but first why should you start using a foam roller? It's a convenient and inexpensive way to give yourself a self-myofascial release or self-massage.

Continue reading "How to Use a Foam Roller and other Recovery Tools"

Running Tips

Good running tips can help prevent running injuries. Don't let an injury keep you from doing the activity you love most.

Continue reading "Running Tips"

Printable Running Pace Calculator

Free running pace calculator - set your pace for the next race!

Continue reading "Printable Running Pace Calculator"

Tolerant of Weakness While Running

There are tremendous advantages of being tolerant of your weakness while running. Your mind plays a trick on you and you are not aware that it is happening.

Continue reading "Tolerant of Weakness While Running"

Get Your Online Free Healing Session Now!

Free Healing Session - Have you ever wondered what a Reiki session feels like or if it's healing energy could help you? Try a free healing session now with no obligation to book further appointments and you won't even be asked for your credit card information!

Continue reading "Get Your Online Free Healing Session Now!"

How to Radically Transform Running - The Feldenkrais Way

How to Radically Transform Running - The Feldenkrais® Method can teach you about your own body and its specific needs. You can learn to move more efficiently and perform better without the tension that more effort creates.

Continue reading "How to Radically Transform Running - The Feldenkrais Way"

Chi Running Method - An Injury-Free and Effortless Running Method

The Chi Running method will help you run injury free and enjoy effortless marathon running. Since then many runners have experienced an improved running technique using this mind and body approach to natural running.

Continue reading "Chi Running Method - An Injury-Free and Effortless Running Method "

Motion Control Running Shoes

Are motion control running shoes what you need to prevent running injuries? Are you an overpronator, underpronator or normal pronator? Find out here.

Continue reading "Motion Control Running Shoes"

Waterproof Running Shoes

I need waterproof running shoes! Do you? Running during the winter months can be very uncomfortable with cold and windy conditions but if your feet get wet, it can be downright miserable!

Continue reading "Waterproof Running Shoes"

How to Use Mindfulness to Prevent Running Injuries

Mindfulness is a practice everyone can benefit from including runners as we can specifically use it to improve how we run and to prevent running injuries.

Continue reading "How to Use Mindfulness to Prevent Running Injuries"

What are your running goals for this year?

What are your running goals for this year? Writing down and sharing your goals will increase your chances of success.

Continue reading "What are your running goals for this year?"

Marathon Success - Interview with Author Jill Bruyere

Marathon success interview - Jill Bruyere manages - a blog whereby she shares her secrets for marathon success.

Continue reading "Marathon Success - Interview with Author Jill Bruyere"

Happy Holidays to You and Yours

Happy Holidays from The Peaceful Runner

Continue reading "Happy Holidays to You and Yours"

Running as a Spiritual Practice?

How can we make running a spiritual practice? How can we use running to become more peaceful in our everyday lives?

Continue reading "Running as a Spiritual Practice?"

How to Prevent Running Injuries

Prevent running injuries to ensure a long running career. Keep all aspects in balance and your mind and body will be in perfect harmony. It is your best defense against injuries.

Continue reading "How to Prevent Running Injuries"

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