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Blog Entries

Buy 3, Get 1 Free on Swiftwick Running Socks

Only @!

Continue reading "Buy 3, Get 1 Free on Swiftwick Running Socks"

Take 15% Off All New Balance

Only @
Use promo code NB15

Continue reading "Take 15% Off All New Balance"

Real Cause of Running Injuries

What is the real cause of running injuries? Do this test to discover the cause of your running injury?

Continue reading "Real Cause of Running Injuries"

Running Pain - Why Do We Experience It?

Why do we experience running pain? Is it a really a physical weakness or is it something else?

Continue reading "Running Pain - Why Do We Experience It?"

Björn Borg is throwing a Mid Season summer sale!

New Collection Bjorn Borg

Up to 40% on almost everything!!
(10-20 October)

Continue reading "Björn Borg is throwing a Mid Season summer sale!"

Shop Running Shoes at Zappos

Shop Running Shoes at Zappos

Do You Have Shin Splints? Here's what you need to know!

Do you have shin splints? Find out what you can do about it.

Continue reading "Do You Have Shin Splints? Here's what you need to know!"

Here is why I love running

Here Is Why I Love Running I hadn't really considered myself a runner until fairly recently. I'd grown up participating in all sorts of sports that required

Continue reading "Here is why I love running"

New Brooks Ghost 12 @ Holabird Sports

New Brooks Ghost 12 @ Holabird Sports The Brooks Ghost is better than ever and 2019's version 12 is here to claim the shoe's EIGHTH Runner's World Editor's Choice award. This year's update brings with it a refreshed upper that incorporates Brooks' 3D Fit Print technology, which strategically adds structure to the areas where it's needed most without adding unnecessary weight.

Avoiding Running Injury

We've Been Pretty Fortunate In Avoiding Running Injury Knock on wood! We've had good fortune in avoiding injuries from running (whether too much, too

Continue reading "Avoiding Running Injury"

Ultramarathon Running

Getting Back to Ultramarathon Running Shape As with anything in life, we've found that running has ebbs and flows. Those can be in consistency with training,

Continue reading "Ultramarathon Running"

Running in Hot Weather Can be Extremely Difficult!

Will you be running in hot weather? It can be very difficult and it can be even dangerous if you don't prepare properly.

Continue reading "Running in Hot Weather Can be Extremely Difficult!"

I walk uphill before my run

I am lucky to live next door to a volcano and I visit it most days. I prefer to first walk up, then run down, then run up, then run down back home. I

Continue reading "I walk uphill before my run"

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