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Get motivated to run!

Motivated for running

We all want to stay motivated for running as we know how powerful it is. Motivation is a powerful driving force that cannot be deterred and when we are truly motivated, there is no obstacle that can prevent us from achieving our goal.

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Do you need waterproof running shoes?

Waterproof shoes

I want to my feet to be warm and dry when winter running but buying waterproof running shoes is not the only option. Find out what else you can do to stay dry and warm this winter while running.

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End Running Pain Now!

Stop Pain

End Your Running Pain NOW! Accomplish your running goals without injury. This mind-altering program is for runners who never want to suffer from another injury.

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What is Runner's Knee?

Runners Knee

Runner’s knee is a painful knee injury that accounts for 27 percent of all running related injuries. Find out how to speed recovery and prevent it from re-occurring.

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Decide How You Will Deal With Running Pain!

Running Pain

Choose how you deal with running pain and avoid injuries! We can help stop injuries from developing when we choose a different response to pain, which can also help us develop a coping strategy for all areas of our lives.

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What is IT Band Syndrome and how do we prevent it?

IT Band Syndrome

When you have this condition, you will experience pain on the outside of the knee while running. The pain is usually sporadic—appearing on some runs and not on others. Find out the causes of ITBS, what to do if you have it, and how to prevent it.

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Affirmations Help Runners Achieve Their Goals!

Affirmations Work

Affirmations are powerful and can work for everyone but they must be done properly. When they don't work, we must find the reason and correct it.

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How to Relax While Running

How to relax

Relaxing your body will improve running performance. Tension promotes injuries, draws energy from our bodies, and prevents us from running our best. A relaxed body uses less effort and thus can run further and faster.

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Finally - a cure for hiccups!


Do you or someone in your family suffer from troublesome hiccups? HiccAway is a drug free, reusable natural cure for hiccups. Works instantly with water!

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5 Reasons Runners Need to Meditate!


Meditation improves our health but it also improves running in numerous ways. Find out why runners need to meditate and how you can start your meditation practice today.

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A Loving Kindness Meditation For Running

Loving Kindness

Much research has been conducted on the effects of loving kindness meditation on emotional and physical health showing incredible results. Now you can practice while running!

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An Ancient Technique that Improves Running

Ancient Technique

Use this technique to develop focus and awareness to improve running. Move more easily and effortlessly.

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How to Stop a Charley Horse Instantly!

Charley Horse

Stop a painful charley horse cramp instantly! These painful calf cramps must be stopped immediately to prevent the muscle from becoming sore. Find out how!

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Make Running in Hot Weather Easier!

Hot Weather

We can take action to help our bodies feel more comfortable running in the heat and prevent the onset of heat related illnesses!

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Behavioural Kinesiology Can Help Us Become Stronger Runners

Behavioural Kinesiology

Run strong with behavioural kinesiology. Use this technique to positively stimulate our muscles to stay strong while running.

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Is Taking Walk Breaks While Running Cheating?

Walk Breaks

Find out why many runners swear by it as the safest and most enjoyable way to build strength and increase endurance.

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End Zoom Fatigue!

Zoom Fatigue

We know that Feldenkrais can help us run and move better, but it can also help us enjoy Zooming more! This Feldenkrais online course will retrain your brain, body, and mind to maintain awareness of yourself, your environment, develop the ability to Zoom in when needed and Zoom out when you want. Finish with a greater feeling of focus, openness, and ease while Zooming!

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A Simple Trick to Run Faster Effortlessly

Run Faster

Run faster with this simple trick that is easy to learn. Utilize the power of your mind to trick your body into running faster without extra effort.

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How to Avoid a Stress Fracture Injury!

Stress Fracture

How to avoid a stress fracture injury and what to do if you have one. It needs to be identified quickly so you can get back running sooner.

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Happy to be running on a holiday resort again!

It was interesting to be running in Sharm El Sheikh again after the pandemic. The resorts are beautiful here but signs of economic depression caused by the pandemic and airport security concerns prior to the pandemic were clearly visible! Click below to find out what the town looks like now and if it's safe to run outside the resort...

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