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A Simple Trick to Run Faster Effortlessly

Run faster with this simple trick that is easy to learn. Utilize the power of your mind to trick your body into running faster without extra effort.

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How to Avoid a Stress Fracture Injury!

How to avoid a stress fracture injury and what to do if you have one. It needs to be identified quickly so you can get back running sooner.

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Happy to be running on a holiday resort again!

It was interesting to be running in Sharm El Sheikh again after the pandemic. The resorts are beautiful here but signs of economic depression caused by the pandemic and airport security concerns prior to the pandemic were clearly visible! Click below to find out what the town looks like now and if it's safe to run outside the resort...

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Got black toenails from running?

Got Black Toenails from Running? Learn how to treat and prevent them!

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Make Your Own Natural Race Fuel

As runners we need to fuel our bodies with energy boosting foods and fortifying drinks to keep us going strong and properly hydrated. Natural race fuel is a healthier and cheaper solution to provide the energy we need. Most sports products contain artificial ingredients and can wreak havoc on a runner's stomach and we may not need their high supplement content. Learn how to make your own natural race fuel.

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How to Overcome Tiredness While Running

Has this ever happened to you? You have just started running and you realize that you feel really tired. Your body just doesn't want to move. You feel heavy, running feels very difficult and you don't know why.

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Use Quantum Physics to Run Injury Free!

Discoveries in quantum physics can be used to help us create a more desirable reality including running injury free. Find out how.

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The Best Online Running Training Camp!

What if you could run without fighting your body or feeling hobbled by pain? Imagine instead that when you run your body feels smooth, flowing, and free of unwanted tension. And imagine a way of running faster that doesn’t take much extra work — in fact it feels nearly effortless, as if you always have a tailwind. Click for all the details!

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Use Active Isolated Stretching to prevent running injuries!

Are your stretches dynamic or static? Active Isolated Stretching promotes dynamic stretching when the muscle is relaxed rather than contracted. Evidence indicates that only a relaxed muscle can be stretched effectively. AIS is the choice of professionals for treating and preventing injuries but you can also practice this method at home.

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The Core Action Program for Runners and Triathletes

The Core Action Program for Runners and Triathletes helps you master the fundamentals of comfortable, healthy, efficient natural running form. This program is for runners who want to learn to run healthy, perform their best, feel great and run injury free!

It's especially targeted for runners who have recurring injuries, who want to transition to minimalist shoes or barefoot running, or who want to take their performance to a new level. Beginners will learn how to run right from their first steps.

These Feldenkrais exercises are gentle and safe for beginners yet potent enough to impact runners competing at the highest levels.

You will learn:

The key elements of healthy, natural running form and how they connect to and reinforce each other.The movements of your core that control your footstrike and end overstriding and heelstriking.What to do with your arms and head to run faster and feel great.How to reduce injury-promoting asymmetries in your gait.

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Running in Puerto Vallarta

Running in Puerto Vallarta and Boca de Tomatlan can be challenging. This is where I ran while on vacation.

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Mindful Eating can change your life!

Master the art of mindful eating and put an end to cravings! You will enjoy your food more and feel satisfied after every meal!

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Buy the Best Treadmill

Buy the best treadmill! Are you thinking about purchasing a treadmill? Make sure you are well informed to choose wisely.

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Recover from Plantar Fasciitis Quickly

Plantar fasciitis - runners are more likely to develop it than non-runners. Learn its causes to prevent it.

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Running to Lose Weight

Are you running to lose weight? Are you disappointed in the results? Find out why it may not be working.

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Waterproof Running Shoes

I want waterproof running shoes! I want to keep my feet warm and dry when winter running!

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What are your running goals for 2022? Share them here!

What are your running goals for 2022 and your greatest achievement in 2021? Despite its challenges, many of you have achieved great things.

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A forefoot strike while walking

Do you forefoot strike while walking? Forefoot walking can improve your running form

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How to Speed Injury Recovery

5 ways to speed injury recovery. Learn how to quickly recover from any running injury.

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Enhance Your Running Experience with Mindfulness

Mindfulness can enhance your running experience by mentally connecting with your movements and letting your flow dictate your whole experience.

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