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Blog Entries

Best Gifts for Runners

Gifts for runners! Runners are unique and so are their needs and interests. Get great ideas for the runner in your life!

Continue reading "Best Gifts for Runners"

Have you experienced calf pain from running?

Calf pain from running can be very frustrating with long recovery but it doesn't have to be. Find out how to best deal with it.

Continue reading "Have you experienced calf pain from running?"

Printable Running Pace Calculator

Free running pace calculator - set your pace for the next race!

Continue reading "Printable Running Pace Calculator"

Race Pace made Easy

Excellent idea & easy to do too - Thank You

Continue reading "Race Pace made Easy"

Non-Physical Running Injury

Understanding Non-Physical Running Injury It is important to remember that not every running injury is a physical one. Sure, there are the usual twisted

Continue reading "Non-Physical Running Injury"

Don't let performance anxiety kill your race!

How does performance anxiety affect you on race dat? You can make it work to your advantage!

Continue reading "Don't let performance anxiety kill your race!"

Running is a Mirror of our Lives

Running is a mirror of our lives. Our running can reflect how well our lives are going.

Continue reading "Running is a Mirror of our Lives"

Barefoot Running Shoes

Are you ready for barefoot running shoes? Which ones will you buy?

Continue reading "Barefoot Running Shoes"

Recover from Plantar Fasciitis Quickly

Plantar fasciitis - runners are more likely to develop it than non-runners. Learn its causes to prevent it.

Continue reading "Recover from Plantar Fasciitis Quickly"

A Happy Runner is an Injury Free Runner!

Become a happy runner and run injury free. Can we learn to be happier?

Continue reading "A Happy Runner is an Injury Free Runner!"

Healthy and easy homemade hummus recipe!

Try this easy homemade hummus recipe. It's healthy and delicious!

Continue reading "Healthy and easy homemade hummus recipe!"

Spiritual Running - Can running really be spiritual?

Spiritual running helps us develop awareness by deliberately connecting to our inner self to encompass more peace, joy and happiness

Continue reading "Spiritual Running - Can running really be spiritual? "

The advantages of barefoot running--do you know all of them?

All the advantages of barefoot running--you have probably heard most before, but probably not this one!

Continue reading "The advantages of barefoot running--do you know all of them?"

Sluggish Run? 3 Effective Ways to Overcome Them!

Overcome a sluggish run! Most of us have experienced these difficult runs. We feel heavy, lacking in energy and we don't know why!

Continue reading "Sluggish Run? 3 Effective Ways to Overcome Them!"

A Quick Running Question

We all have our own challenges with running. What's yours?

Continue reading "A Quick Running Question"

Use the Mind Body Connection to Prevent and Heal Running Injuries

The mind body connection can help you prevent and heal running injuries. It really works and is not difficult to learn. Start now!

Continue reading "Use the Mind Body Connection to Prevent and Heal Running Injuries"

Free Retirement Business Course

Free Retirement Business Mini Course - Building a retirement business online isn't just great for your finances. It also brings excitement and a sense of achievement. You have a lifetime of skills and experiences. Why not use them to generate income in a fun and profitable way? Start an online profitable business from home. It's not as difficult as you think! Enroll Now for Free! Click on the link below to find out more.
#onlinebusiness #workfromhome #selfemployed

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