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Blog Entries

Is barefoot running good for you?

Barefoot running allows us to strengthen the unique design of our feet, which gives us the ability to run in an upright position--unlike any other creature.

Continue reading "Is barefoot running good for you?"

Tapping For Runners

Tapping for runners helps you recover faster from running injuries. Quickly and easily learn this therapy to heal and recover from injuries.

Continue reading "Tapping For Runners"

How to Prevent Running Injuries

Prevent running injuries by keeping your mind and body in perfect harmony--your best defense against injuries!

Continue reading "How to Prevent Running Injuries"

Barefoot Running Shoes

Are you ready for barefoot running shoes? Which ones will you buy?

Continue reading "Barefoot Running Shoes"

Use Positive Self-Talk to Improve Endurance Performance

Positive self-talk is a psychological strategy often used by successful athletes as studies show that self-talk improves endurance performance.

Continue reading "Use Positive Self-Talk to Improve Endurance Performance"

Can the Paleo Diet Sustain Runners Needs?

The Paleo diet for runners -- can it sustain the nutritional demands of runners? If we eat like our ancestors ate, will be run better?

Continue reading "Can the Paleo Diet Sustain Runners Needs?"

Best Running Shoes

Get the best running shoes for the needs of your feet. Everyone runs differently so you need to understand what's best for your feet!

Continue reading "Best Running Shoes"

Backwards running for your health

Is backwards running or retro running a joke? Certainly not. Many are turning around to run. Find out why.

Continue reading "Backwards running for your health"

Learn how to relax to improve running economy

Learn how to relax your body to improve running economy. You will be able to run further and faster using less effort than before.

Continue reading "Learn how to relax to improve running economy"

How Does Distant Reiki Work?

How does distant Reiki work? Reiki is natural healing energy that works on more than the physical level. Learn how a Reiki distance session actually works!

Continue reading "How Does Distant Reiki Work?"

My Camino Author Sue Kenney Interview with

My Camino author Sue Kenney is a dedicated Wim Hof Breathing Method instructor, an inspirational speaker, life coach, a recording producer and a filmmaker.

Continue reading "My Camino Author Sue Kenney Interview with"

Do you carry your mobile phone while running?

Please complete our quick 2 minute survey to help us understand your running needs!

Continue reading "Do you carry your mobile phone while running?"

Nose Breathe while Running to Stay Healthy

Learn to nose breathe while running to stay healthy. It prevents infection, regulates air intake, reduces injuries while improving running stamina!

Continue reading "Nose Breathe while Running to Stay Healthy"

Mindful Running Can Make Running Effortless

Mindful running can make running effortless and help you become a better runner.

Continue reading "Mindful Running Can Make Running Effortless"

Coconut water for hydration--a natural alternative to sports drinks

Use coconut water for hydration during running as a natural alternative to replace electrolytes lost through sweat. It's nature's sports drink!

Continue reading "Coconut water for hydration--a natural alternative to sports drinks"

Buy the Best Treadmill

Buy the best treadmill! Are you thinking about purchasing a treadmill? Make sure you are well informed to choose wisely.

Continue reading "Buy the Best Treadmill"

Running and Meditation

Running and meditation go well together as each one improves the other, creating more enjoyable runs, improving running ability & reducing injuries

Continue reading "Running and Meditation"

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