Running with the Hash House Harriers

If you have never trying running with the Hash House Harriers, you could really be missing out on a great adventure!

The Hash House Harriers is an international social running club that combines running, drinking, and camaraderie. It is also known as The Hash, the HHH or H3. It is the largest non-competitive running club in the world with 1500-2000 groups or chapters in over 180 countries.

Participating is often simply referred to as "hashing." The group is self-described as "a drinking club with a running problem." Their slogan highlights the purpose of the group as being more social than most other running clubs. To participate in the Hash, it is not necessary to be a fast runner, but a sense of humor is essential.

Most Hash groups gather weekly or monthly, but some less frequently. Each chapter has a regular membership, but visitors are welcome to join their running events for a small fee to cover the costs of food or drink. Before attending a hash run for the first time, it is best to check their website for the specific location of the run and any items you may need to bring with you, e.g. cash, water, change of clothes, etc. 

The social aspect of the Hash House Harriers is equally as important as the running itself. The Hash House Harriers have grown to become a global community with numerous chapters known as "hash kennels" worldwide. Each kennel operates independently, organizing their own hashes and events while adhering to the overarching traditions and principles of the club. The HHH promotes a sense of adventure, fun, and friendship, attracting individuals who enjoy running, socializing, and exploring new places.

Hash House Harriers Run

The origins of the Hash House Harriers can be traced back to 1938, when a group of British expatriates in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, decided to form a running club with a twist. On Monday nights, they organized a run based on the traditional British "Hare and the Hound" with the purpose of having some fun, getting some exercise, and ridding themselves of weekend over-indulgences. 

The Hash House Harriers

The club's name, "Hash House Harriers," was derived from the nickname of the Selangor Club Chambers, where the group would often gather for meals. The food served at the club was known as "hash" and was considered basic, no-frills fare. The members of the club affectionately referred to themselves as "Hash House Harriers" in a nod to their dining establishment.

The name stuck, but Hashing died out during World War II. It was revived again after the war and has since grown into the worldwide club it is today. (Source: Wikipedia)

Setting the Hash Trail

The concept is relatively simple: a "hare" sets a trail using chalk, flour, sawdust, or other marking materials, and the rest of the group, known as the "pack," follows the trail to find the endpoint. The trail can lead through various terrains, including urban areas, parks, forests, and countryside. The hare often includes false trails, dead ends, splits, shortcuts, and other surprises to keep the pack engaged, entertained and together.

During the hash run, the lead runners search for the true trail while the slower runners or walkers enjoy a chance to catch up. The purpose of the false trails and shortcuts is to keep the pack together and to  emphasize the social aspect of the run. On a well-laid trail, all members of the pack finish close together.

Hash House Harriers

After the Run

After completing the run, participants gather for what is known as the "circle," a post-run ceremony filled with singing, toasting, and "down-downs," where members are expected to chug beer in response to  humorous anecdotes from the run. The circle is often led by a "Grand Master" or "Grand Mistress" who orchestrates the proceedings. The socializing or On-On-On is continued on to a restaurant, bar or another location nearby.

One unique aspect of the Hash House Harriers is its use of nicknames. When joining the club, members are typically assigned a nickname that reflects a memorable event, personal attribute, or play on words. These nicknames are used during the hash to foster a sense of camaraderie and create a light-hearted atmosphere.

The Red Dress Run

Red Dress Run

Sometimes chapters hold special annual events, such as the Red Dress Run and true to its name, everyone wears a red dress, regardless of their usual attire or gender. It is common for the dresses to be outlandish, humorous, or even extravagant. The idea behind wearing red dresses is to create a fun and festive atmosphere, attracting attention and bringing a sense of silliness to the event.

The Red Dress Run is often held as a charity event, with participants raising funds for various causes. The money raised may go to local charities or be donated to specific organizations chosen by the hashing group hosting the event.

A Unique Culture Filled with Traditions 

The Hash House Harriers have developed a unique culture and language filled with various traditions, chants, and inside jokes. It is a community that welcomes people from diverse backgrounds, united by their love for running, drinking, and good-natured fun.

Whether you're a seasoned runner or a newcomer looking for a unique and entertaining way to exercise and meet people, the Hash House Harriers offer a welcoming environment for all who are willing to join in the adventure and fun.

Have you Hashed yet? If not, give it a try. It's the most fun you will ever have on a run.


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