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#73 - October 2016 - Reiki Healing for Running Injuries

#72 - September 2016 - My "Almost" Running Injury

#71 - August 2016 - Running in the Alpha State of Mind

#70 - July 2016 - My 3 Best Running Form Tips to Make Running Easier

#69 - June 2016 - How to Run Mindfully

#68 - May 2016 - A Loving Kindness Meditation for Runners

#67 - April 2016 - Become a Happy Runner, Become an Injury Free Runner

#66 - March 2016 - Use Your Mind Power to Stay Healthy and Keep Running

#65 - February 2016 - How to Keep Running While on Vacation

#64 - January 2016 - 5 Surprising Benefits of Running in Cold Weather

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