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Blog Entries

Active Isolated Stretching can Prevent Injuries

Active Isolated Stretching is the choice of professionals for treating and preventing injuries. It's more effective than traditional stretching as it stretches the muscle when it is maximally relaxed.

Continue reading "Active Isolated Stretching can Prevent Injuries"

What is Runners Knee

What is Runners Knee? How to identify it, recover from it and prevent it from happening again!

Continue reading "What is Runners Knee"

Natural Running Form

What is a natural running form? Natural running is running the way we were naturally intended to run--easily, efficiently and injury free.

Continue reading "Natural Running Form"

IT Band Syndrome and How to Prevent This Painful Condition While Running

What is IT Band Syndrome (ITBS) and how can you prevent getting this injury while running? It is a painful condition. Here's what caused it and what to do when you have it.

Continue reading "IT Band Syndrome and How to Prevent This Painful Condition While Running"

Reiki for Runners

Reiki for Runners -- Reiki can help runners with injuries as it helps speed healing, decrease pain levels and relaxes mind and body while it balances and heals energies in the body.

Continue reading "Reiki for Runners"

A Mantra for Peaceful Running

Would you like to experience more peaceful running or more enjoyable runs? This mantra can help.

Continue reading "A Mantra for Peaceful Running"

A Course in Miracles for Runners

Can A Course in Miracles help us with running? If you have ever felt fear or guilt, berated yourself for not doing better or experienced a running injury, then the answer is Yes!

Continue reading "A Course in Miracles for Runners"

24Hr Deal Alert!

Brooks Ravenna 7 Men’s & Women’s Running Shoes for $60 OFF! Today Only!

Continue reading "24Hr Deal Alert!"

Stability Running Shoes

Are stability running shoes what you need to run injury free? Are you an overpronator, underpronator or normal pronator? Find out here.

Continue reading "Stability Running Shoes"

Race Day Tips to Improve your Race Day Experience

Use these race day tips to help ensure the day of the race is a pleasant one and that your race day experience is a wonderful memory.

Continue reading "Race Day Tips to Improve your Race Day Experience"

Buy the Best Treadmill

Learn how to buy the best treadmill to meet your needs. You need to be well-prepared and well-informed before trying to purchase any home exercise equipment.

Continue reading "Buy the Best Treadmill"

Race Visualization Exercise to Practice before a Race

This race visualization exercise is a powerful tool to help you mentally prepare for that big race you have been training so hard for. Achieve your goals by imagining them first.

Continue reading "Race Visualization Exercise to Practice before a Race"

Deep Water Running

Deep water running can enhance your fitness, prevent injuries, and maintain fitness when recovering from injuries.

Continue reading "Deep Water Running"

Help for a Plantar Fasciitis Injury

Is plantar fasciitis preventing you from running? Don't despair! There are things you can do to speed healing and to prevent future occurrences.

Continue reading "Help for a Plantar Fasciitis Injury"

Running in Hot Weather

Will you be running in hot weather? Learn how to prepare properly to have a successful run.

Continue reading "Running in Hot Weather"

Shambhala Meditation can Help you Become a Better Runner and a Happier Person

Shambhala meditation can help your enjoy running more as you can practice mindfulness and awareness while running. Shambhala is a Sanskrit word meaning “the place of tranquility.”

Continue reading "Shambhala Meditation can Help you Become a Better Runner and a Happier Person"

Barefoot Running Shoes

Are you ready for barefoot running shoes? Which ones will you buy?

Continue reading "Barefoot Running Shoes"

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