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Blog Entries

Does your running foot strike matter?

Is your running foot strike causing running injuries? Should you change how you land on your feet? Would a different foot strike help you run faster? This article can help you decide.

Continue reading "Does your running foot strike matter?"

The Peaceful Runner Newsletter

Opt-in newsletter subscription page for The Peaceful Runner Newsletter and free eBooks on Running Injury Free!

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Is your barefoot running form correct?

Is your barefoot running form correct? Having the correct barefoot running form is essential to running injury free.

Continue reading "Is your barefoot running form correct?"

Running Psychology

Running Psychology - What is your mind doing while you are running? We put a lot of time and effort into physical training for running, but how much into mind preparation? We need to train our minds.

Continue reading "Running Psychology"

Feldenkrais Exercises Can Improve How you Move

Check out these Feldenkrais exercises and resources to improve how you move.

Continue reading "Feldenkrais Exercises Can Improve How you Move"

5 Reasons Runners Need to Meditate

Here are 5 reasons why runners need to meditate. Use meditation to prevent injuries, make you a better runner, build mental strength and more!

Continue reading "5 Reasons Runners Need to Meditate"

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating can change your whole approach to life. With Mindful Eating you will enjoy your food more, feel full and satisfied and put an end to cravings!

Continue reading "Mindful Eating"

Waterproof Running Shoes

Should you buy waterproof running shoes or water resistant running shoes?

Continue reading "Waterproof Running Shoes"

Winter Running

Winter running will give you a better workout, however, you need to take precautions to ensure your safety.

Continue reading "Winter Running"

Natural Race Fuel and Natural Sports Drinks

Long distance runners need lots of energy and natural race fuel can help. We need to fuel our bodies with energy boosting foods and fortifying drinks to keep us going strong and properly hydrated.

Continue reading "Natural Race Fuel and Natural Sports Drinks"

DC Rainmaker Author Ray Maker Interview with

DC Rainmaker's author Ray Maker, is an accomplished runner, triathlete and Ironman. His blog provides many in-depth product and race reviews, recommendations, travel stories & even cooking adventures.

Continue reading "DC Rainmaker Author Ray Maker Interview with"


To keep going and be motivated at all times!

Continue reading "Motivation"

Barefoot Running Shoes

Are you ready for barefoot running shoes? Which ones will you buy?

Continue reading "Barefoot Running Shoes"

Running to Lose Weight

Are you running to lose weight? Are you disappointed in the results? Find out why it may not be working.

Continue reading "Running to Lose Weight"

Running Nutrition

If you want to run better, eat right! Running nutrition matters. Your performance will be affected by what you eat and drink.

Continue reading "Running Nutrition"

Eliminate Stretching After Running

You can eliminate stretching after running by learning how to stop the soreness from developing in your body. Read the article to discover how!

Continue reading "Eliminate Stretching After Running"

Running with the Whole Body by Jack Heggie

Running with the Whole Body - A 30-day program to running faster and with less effort. You will feel a difference after completing the first chapter. Your running will be smoother and quicker.

Continue reading "Running with the Whole Body by Jack Heggie"

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