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Blog Entries

Reiki for Runners

Reiki for Runners -- Reiki can help runners with injuries as it helps speed healing, decrease pain levels and relaxes mind and body while it balances and heals energies in the body.

Continue reading "Reiki for Runners"

Episkopi Hash House Harriers Cyprus

One of the few remaining gentlemen only hashers left. We run each Tuesday and have never not run since the club was formed by servicemen from the British

Continue reading "Episkopi Hash House Harriers Cyprus"

Making Running Easy as Possible and Not Getting Injured

Making Running Easy As Possible and Not Getting Injured - check out the transcript of my interview on the Conscious Runner Podcast

Continue reading "Making Running Easy as Possible and Not Getting Injured"

Running and Meditation

Running and meditation work together so well that each one improves the other. Meditating while running creates more peaceful and enjoyable runs while improving running ability and reducing injuries.

Continue reading "Running and Meditation"

My Almost Running Injury

My 'almost' running injury--having a strong belief that you will not get injured while running goes a long way in preventing running injuries.

Continue reading "My Almost Running Injury"

The benefits of meditation

There are many benefits of meditation that can be achieved through the art of meditation. Many researchers have found that it can help you live a lower-stress and healthier life.

Continue reading "The benefits of meditation"

Making Running as Easy as Possible and Never Getting Injured

Check out my interview on The Conscious Runner Podcast!

Continue reading "Making Running as Easy as Possible and Never Getting Injured"

Running in the Alpha State of Mind

What is the alpha state of mind and why would you want to run in this state of mind?

Continue reading "Running in the Alpha State of Mind"

For body and mind

I began running as a method of stress relief at a very difficult time in my life. I was way way overweight, diabetic, on the verge of a heart attack, no

Continue reading "For body and mind"

Establish Proper Nutrition for Runners

Establishing proper nutrition for runners requires some knowledge. Proper nutrition requires foods necessary for growth as well as health and runners requirements are different from other athletes.

Continue reading "Establish Proper Nutrition for Runners"

3 Best Running Form Tips

Try these 3 running form tips to make running feel easier, more effortless and more enjoyable.

Continue reading "3 Best Running Form Tips"

Buy the Best Treadmill

Learn how to buy the best treadmill to meet your needs. You need to be well-prepared and well-informed before trying to purchase any home exercise equipment.

Continue reading "Buy the Best Treadmill"

How to Run Mindfully

When we run mindfully, it feels easier, more natural and it is more enjoyable and energizing. We let go of negative thoughts and avoid injury. We feel recharged rather than exhausted after a run.

Continue reading "How to Run Mindfully"

Running Psychology

Running Psychology - What is your mind doing while you are running? We put a lot of time and effort into physical training for running, but how much into mind preparation? We need to train our minds.

Continue reading "Running Psychology"

Who are Hash House Harriers?

The Hash House Harriers are the largest non-competitive running club in with world. The group is self-described as "a drinking club with a running problem."

Continue reading "Who are Hash House Harriers?"

Be proud, be strong, and go

Be happy that you are a runner, run for the joy of running, the sense of self-fulfillment from a well done run.

Continue reading "Be proud, be strong, and go "

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running: Could it be These?

There is a constant search for the best Bluetooth headphones for running. There are two models that are seen as the best on the market when it comes to Bluetooth headphones.

Continue reading "Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running: Could it be These?"

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