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Blog Entries

How You Breathe While Running Could be Causing Injuries!

How do you breathe while running? If you are not breathing efficiently, you are using too much energy and placing too much stress on your body.

Continue reading "How You Breathe While Running Could be Causing Injuries!"

Powerful Affirmations for Runners

Are you tired of feeling bad about how you run? Now you can easily accomplish your running goals and become the runner you always wanted to be. Get the 10 most powerful affirmations for runners.

Continue reading "Powerful Affirmations for Runners"

Body Awareness Can Help You Become an Injury Free Runner

Learn how body awareness can prevent running injuries as we learn to let our body heal itself.

Continue reading "Body Awareness Can Help You Become an Injury Free Runner"

Love to run everywhere

My favorite part of vacation is finding a street or trail where I get out and see the neighborhood. It helps to clear the mind and put a smile on my face.

Continue reading "Love to run everywhere"

The Health Benefits of Running

4 Health Benefits of Running That You Don't Already Know -- Running is good for us physically, mentally and socially, but now there are 4 more health reasons to start running.

Continue reading "The Health Benefits of Running"

Natural Running Form

What is a natural running form? Natural running is running the way we were naturally intended to run--easily, efficiently and injury free.

Continue reading "Natural Running Form"

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Running Nutrition

If you want to run better, eat right! Running nutrition matters. Your performance will be affected by what you eat and drink.

Continue reading "Running Nutrition"

Listen to Music While Running?

Do you listen to music while running? I don't ever listen to music while running and here is why.

Continue reading "Listen to Music While Running?"

Benefits of Feldenkrais and Running

The awareness of the benefits of Feldenkrais and running are slowly but steadily increasing.

Continue reading "Benefits of Feldenkrais and Running"

Yoga for Runners

Yoga for runners may make for a well-balanced runner as yoga and running complement one another quite nicely.

Continue reading "Yoga for Runners"

Black toenails from running--what causes them and how can you prevent them?

Black toenails from running--hat causes them and how can you prevent them?

Continue reading "Black toenails from running--what causes them and how can you prevent them?"

Does your running foot strike matter?

Is your running foot strike causing running injuries? Should you change how you land on your feet? Would a different foot strike help you run faster? This article can help you decide.

Continue reading "Does your running foot strike matter?"

Is barefoot running good for you?

Many runners are switching to barefoot running, but it is not a new fad. It has been evolving for the past 2 million years. We used to run to survive either barefoot or with minimal foot coverings.

Continue reading "Is barefoot running good for you?"

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