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Blog Entries

Why Training for Downhill Running is Essential

Practicing downhill running is often overlooked by runners because it feels so easy. However, if done properly, it can provide great benefits and prevent serious long term damage.

Continue reading "Why Training for Downhill Running is Essential"

How Does Distant Reiki Work?

How does distant Reiki work? Reiki is natural healing energy that works on every level, not just the physical level and this is where we have trouble understanding how a Reiki distance session works.

Continue reading "How Does Distant Reiki Work?"

Running Tips

Good running tips can help prevent running injuries. Don't let an injury keep you from doing the activity you love most.

Continue reading "Running Tips"

Why Hill Training is Essential for Runners

Hill training is the most efficient way to build running strength with minimal risk of running injuries. It helps runners develop strength and speed in a relatively short period of time.

Continue reading "Why Hill Training is Essential for Runners"

Physical Inactivity Causes Premature Death

Physical inactivity has become a pandemic of sorts. It is now causing more deaths than smoking. Yes, this is a serious health concern for everyone.

Continue reading "Physical Inactivity Causes Premature Death"

Quantum Physics and Running Injury Free

Discoveries in quantum physics can be used to help us create a more desirable reality including running injury free. Find out how.

Continue reading "Quantum Physics and Running Injury Free"

Running Interviews with

Running Interviews are a fantastic way to learn about great runners and how they have succeeded in their sport. The more we learn the more power we have to fulfill our dreams of running injury free.

Continue reading "Running Interviews with"

What are your running goals for this year?

What are your running goals for this year? Writing down and sharing your goals will increase your chances of success.

Continue reading "What are your running goals for this year?"

Special 2 for 1 Reiki Deal for January Only!

Special deal for January only! Have you been considering Reiki for Runners? Do you have a nagging injury that doesn't want to go away, maybe your energy levels need a boost, or maybe you are feeling really stressed about a race, work, family, etc.?Whatever your need, now is your chance to give Reiki for Runners a try because for the month of January only, we are offering two Reiki Distant Sessions for the price of one!

#runninginjuryfree #reikihealing #reikirunners

Continue reading "Special 2 for 1 Reiki Deal for January Only!"

Active Isolated Stretching can Prevent Injuries

Active Isolated Stretching is the choice of professionals for treating and preventing injuries. It's more effective than traditional stretching as it stretches the muscle when it is maximally relaxed.

Continue reading "Active Isolated Stretching can Prevent Injuries"

Stretching for Runners

Stretching for Runners - Should you stretch before running?

Continue reading "Stretching for Runners"

Reiki for Runners - Interview with the Peaceful Runner

An interview on distant Reiki and how it can benefit runners.

Continue reading "Reiki for Runners - Interview with the Peaceful Runner"

Be your own Placebo and Prevent Running Injuries

You can learn how to be your own placebo and use the body's natural healing process to prevent and recover from running injuries.

Continue reading "Be your own Placebo and Prevent Running Injuries"

Coconut water for hydration is a healthy alternative to sports drinks

Using coconut water for hydration during running is a healthy alternative to regular sports drinks. It is nature's sports drink because it can be used to replace the electrolytes lost through sweat.

Continue reading "Coconut water for hydration is a healthy alternative to sports drinks"

Running is a Mirror of our Lives

Running is a mirror of our lives. Our running can reflect how well our lives are going.

Continue reading "Running is a Mirror of our Lives"

Running Pace Calculator

Free running pace calculator - set your pace for the next race!

Continue reading "Running Pace Calculator"

Sunday session with Jackie

Jackie was amazing! Her healing hands had an effect on my first running injury straight away as I noticed when going to bed and running for my train the

Continue reading "Sunday session with Jackie"

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