Puerto Vallarta Hash House Harriers

by Two Jugs

I recently had the opportunity and pleasure of hashing with the PVH3, a fun group based in a beautiful part of Mexico. If you live in Puerto Vallarta or are planning to visit, I highly recommend joining this group for a hash run or walk.

PVH3 is a relatively new chapter, but it has lots of potential in this growing area. I joined run #103, which included a few hilly climbs, but we were rewarded with a number of stunning views at each of the ‘camera checks’. Other chalk markings included BN – beer near, BC – beer check, Circles and Arrows. The BCs were my favorite of course! This Live Hare Run included two very refreshing beer stops in the scorching thirty-something degrees heat (Celsius).

Run #103 started and finished in the area known as 5 de Diciembre, located just south of the Zone Hotelera. It’s a vibrant neighborhood known for its proximity to the beach, choice of restaurants, shops, and its lively atmosphere. It takes its name from the date of December 5, 1857. On this date, the Ley Juárez was declared, a significant law that aimed to separate church and state. The law was named after President Benito Juárez, a leading advocate for these reforms.

I visited in May 2023, just before the hot, raining season. May to November is not only low season for tourists, but also for the PVH3 as many members choose to travel during this season. There was only a handful of us on this hash run, but it was still great fun and the small circle and On On took place in a local bar/restaurant.

During the winter months expect larger numbers as pack members settle back into their winter routine in more favorable weather conditions.

To run with the PVH3, message them at this link: Puerto Vallarta Hash House Harriers

You will be so glad you did!

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