Pune Hash

by Morning Standing
(Pune, India)

The Pune Hash House Harriers was started on April 21 2011 by a bunch of itinerant Hyderabad and Bombay hashers and a group of Puneites showing serious withdrawal symptoms. La Vache qui Fume, Fallen Angel, Sin Do, Bachelor Balls, Suck so Much and a motley bunch met at the Corinthians and declared the Pune hash On On.

After a hesitant start the PH3 was revived a year later with the addition of Rhode Island Red, Red Hot Lips, Horny Blower and VIP Frenchie to the ranks. Now, every other Sunday, armed with the sacred amber nectar, we scour the verdant hills of Pune, looking for new trails to explore and new spots to anoint.

Join us www.punehash.org ON ON !!!

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