The Mind Body Connection Prevents Running Injuries

The mind body connection is a powerful tool that we all have within us, but most of us are completely unaware of how it can vastly and easily improve our lives and our running. Researchers and scientists are continually finding evidence of the connection between mind and body and the ability of our minds to control and even cure our bodies. There are numerous stories of incredible and sometimes instant healings, including cancer. You can read a few of these awe-inspiring stories below. 

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Surely if it is possible to heal cancer, control bodily functions, and overcome pain and suffering using only our mind body connection, it must be possible to prevent and heal running injuries too. However, we must first understand what causes running injuries and also realize that we can interrupt the injury cycle using our own self-directed healing energy. It is much easier than you might think and you can start today using the process included in this article.

Mind body connection

Many scientists are working to share this fascinating knowledge. Bruce Lipton, Stem Cell Biologist, and author of The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution is an internationally recognized leader working to bridge the gap between science and spirit. His research demonstrates how the mind body connection works to develop our ability to control bodily functions. His work indicates that we have the ability to control our biology through our thoughts and intentions. 

Evidence of healing using the mind body connection

David Seidler, author of the screenplay script for The King's Speech, was diagnosed with cancer in 2005. Two weeks before a scheduled surgery, he began a positive visualization practice using the mind body connection. He spent hours visualizing a clean and healthy cream-coloured bladder. When he was examined by doctors before the surgery, they could not find any trace of cancer.

Jack Schwarz was a Nazi concentration camp prisoner who was tortured, beaten and starved like many others while in captivity. To survive his ordeal, he began a meditation practice to strengthen his mind body connection. This practice strengthened his ability to physically and mentally endure pain and suffering.

"All of your body is in your mind, but not all of your mind is in your body."

-- Jack Schwarz 

After his release, he continued his meditation practice and he was able to demonstrate his ability to perform several unthinkable physical feats, such as putting a six-inch sail makers’ needle through his biceps without harming himself. He was also able to self-regulate many physical processes, such as blood pressure, blood flow, heart rate, as well as controlling the pain of physical trauma. He also participated in documented experiments where he demonstrated his ability to quickly heal injuries to his body (within hours) using the mind body connection. He has since written numerous books to share his techniques.  

The following image uses a topographical tool to demonstrate the Mind Body Connection using bodily maps of our emotions. Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Mind and Body Connection

Another scientist helping to provide the world with this phenomenal insight is Gregg Braden. He previously worked as a Computer Scientist and System Designer solving problems for Fortune 500 companies. Today, his mission is to expand the knowledge of self-healing abilities  from the unknown to mainstream awareness. His research combines aspects of modern science, ancient wisdom, spirituality and human potential.

His latest book, The Wisdom Codes: Ancient Words to Rewire Our Brains and Heal Our Hearts, includes a collection of powerful word patterns that can literally rewire our brains. 

One of the most remarkable methods he discovered through his research in ancient techniques was in a 'medicineless' hospital in Beijing, China. In this hospital, profound healings were taking place without medicines or invasive surgeries. 

In the video below, he shares a hospital recording of the ultrasound of a cancer tumor being healed in just three minutes! Watch this extraordinary example of healing energy using only human beliefs and feelings.

So how can we make use of this knowledge to prevent running injuries. We must first take a look at why we get injured.

What causes running injuries?

How and why do running injuries occur? If we simply believe that we are victims of weaknesses in our bodies, then why is it not consistent? We can do the same amount of running for many months and then suddenly we are in pain. Injuries seem to come from nowhere.

For this to change, we need to realize that our injuries can be the result of how we react to the sensations we feel in our bodies. If we fear these aches and twinges, we give them power and strength and a place to reside in our bodies. If we courageously allow these sensations to arise, without resistance, they can more easily subside and leave our bodies. 

What are these sensations that often turn into injuries and why do we have them? Through our life experiences and relationships over the years, we can develop many suppressed emotions. As these emotions try to leave our bodies, they are often experienced as aches and pain in various parts of our body. By resisting or ignoring these sensations, we hold onto them and keep them in place--right where we initially felt them! If we allow ourselves to experience these twinges in a non-resistant, curious way, we can enjoy a more peaceful and pain-free existence.

Gregg Braden

How to use the mind body connection to prevent running injuries

Try this: The next time you experience an ache or pain that feels like it may turn into an injury, place your focus on the area and just notice what you are feeling and where you are feeling it. Don’t resist it or wish it wasn’t there. Just let it be and notice what happens as you just sit with (be present with) the feeling. When sensations in the body are observed, they usually change in some way. Sometimes they move around but often they dissipate depending on its severity and longevity. 

If the sensation returns, just repeat the process. Keep allowing the feeling to arise as often as it needs to and do not be frightened of any of them! Go easy on yourself and stay positive.

Remember that all things in this life are impermanent including aches and pains. Just allow them movement. Smile at them to generate positive energy or say something like, “bless you” or "I love you" to that part of your body. You may find one particular phrase works better for you than another.

Become curious about what you are feeling. Explore it with your mind without judgment. Do not wish it away or try to push it from your conscious thoughts.  Allow it to exist and be experienced. Be grateful that it is already healed and that you mind body connection is strong and powerful.

You have the power within you to release illness and injuries. Take comfort in the knowledge of this profound truth for which scientific evidence is steadily increasing.

If you are prone to colds or headaches, use the same technique as soon as you feel some discomfort. You can prevent them from developing with loving thoughts and positive energy.

Are you currently injured?

If you currently have an injury, you may find the following video helpful. It was created by a young man who is just a regular guy.  He discovered a simple method that he used to heal his body; and in this video, he explains how he quickly healed his broken ribs. The quality of the video is not great, but the content makes up for it. He explains his simple healing technique very well and it can be used to speed recovery from an injury.

Generate more positive energy

To stay healthy and injury free, we need to generate more positive energy in our bodies and our environment. Energy is constantly flowing though our bodies. We can use our energy to manifest illness or health. It’s our choice.

We need to learn to follow our intuition and let go of the things (and people) in our lives that do not serve our greater good. We need to allow ourselves to feel happy and enjoy our lives in the present moment.

Increasing our positive emotions and releasing suppressed emotions will help to increase the flow of positive energy in our body. Meditation is very effect in helping us become aware of our emotions and our reactions to everyday events. Positive affirmations  and have a gratitude practice are also very effective in producing positive energy and removing limiting beliefs as we continue to develop and strengthen our mind body connection. 

Do you have a story to share?

If you have experienced a mind body healing experience or you know of someone who has, please share it below. Sharing positive stories of healing will help others realize that it is possible for all of us to be healthy and running injury free forever using only the connection between our mind and body. 

Gregg Braden

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