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Healing my foot injury

by Jackie
(Southeast London, UK)

About two years ago I injured my foot during a race. I often use the technique described in this article to prevent injuries, but in this case the injury happened instantaneously.

I was running on a trail in my minimal shoes. My foot landed awkwardly on a stone and suddenly I was in excruciating pain. I didn't have it diagnosed but I suspect it was a stress fracture. It was very painful just to walk on it.

When I got home, I immediately began to work on healing my foot. I held my foot in my hands and meditated on all the sensations that were present. I sent loving thoughts and energy towards it. I practiced this a few times each day. In about three days it didn't hurt to walk anymore.

After a week, I tried to run on it but it was hurting after only a short distance so I stopped and walked home. I continued to use the mind body connection and practiced every day. When it was one day short of three weeks, I tried running again.

This time there was no pain. I was so happy to be running again. Three weeks seemed like a long time then, but in retrospect it was very quick considering how much pain I had in the beginning.

The mind body connection really works. We just need to trust and believe that it is possible.

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