Cheap Barefoot Running Shoes

There are lots of cheap barefoot running shoes on the market now. So if you are someone who is interested in trying barefoot running but do not want to invest a lot of money in an expensive pair, you now have lots of choices. 

I have been running in barefoot shoes for eight years and my biggest problem is finding barefoot shoes that fit well and are easy to find at a good price. I love my Vibram FiveFingers as they are the most minimalist shoe that I have found until now, but the sizes vary, the styles keep changing and they are not readily available at a decent price. They require toe socks, which are expensive and because of their appearance, I will only wear them running.

I recently bought the following pair from Amazon UK and I love them--so comfortable and very reasonably priced. I  have only been running in them a short period of time, so I cannot comment on their wearability but they seem to be of good quality.

Cheap Barefoot Running Shoes

These new cheaper styles look more like regular shoes when compared to the Vibram FiveFingers and I would happily wear them at times when I am not running. They are very comfortable with or without socks which is great for those hot summer runs!

These shoes are also quick drying so great in the rain and for water sports--a multipurpose shoe! I prefer styles with laces rather than velco straps as I think they are more secure and provide a better fit. 

I have found very similar cheap barefoot running shoes available elsewhere as shown below.

Cheap Barefoot Running Shoes at

Cheap Barefoot Running Shoes at

More at

If you are not quite sure if you want to give barefoot running a try, check out the articles below for more information on the science behind it and how to transition safely.

If you have any questions about barefoot running, please post them in the comments below.

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