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Use This Ancient Technique to
Improve Running

April 2017--
The Peaceful Runner Newsletter #79

An Ancient Technique to
Improve Running

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An Ancient Technique

The ancient technique of y'chi can be used to improve your efficiency and speed while running and reduce your risk of injury. This Chinese technique develops the ability to direct all your energies and movements by focusing the eyes on a particular object as you move towards it. It is not difficult to learn but it requires practice to make it a natural habit. 

Y'chi is natural for animals and you have witnessed it if you have watched a cat as it moves towards its prey. Its body is relaxed and it moves softly, quietly and gracefully with an intensely focused gaze on its target. It never loses its focus. The cat is using y'chi as its eyes are pulling it towards its prey. 

Ancient Technique

Animals do this instinctively and we can learn from them. Animals don't worry or think about their prey. They don't worry if they are going to be successful, how they are going to look or what other animals may think about them. Nor do they judge or criticize other animals. They just do what they do and be in the now while they are doing it. And I have never heard of an animal having a stress fracture, torn ligament or an injury due to running or overuse!

Y'chi (pronounced ee-chee) involves a total mind and body focus. It is a technique very similar to meditating. It has all the benefits of meditating but you can practice it while running and improve how you feel while running and reduce the risk of injuries. 

How to Practice Y'Chi

Next time you are running, pick an object in the distance that you will be running towards. Set your intention to move towards that object and focus your eyes intensely on the object as you move towards it. Keep your eyes aligned with your destination and do not break your gaze. Allow a full mind and body focus. 

There are no thoughts involved when using this technique. As you maintain an intense focus, you will feel yourself being pulled forward by your eyes. Your eyes are directing the movement. Your mind and body become one as you are pulled forward by y'chi. 

"Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek,
but a means by which we arrive at that goal."

-- Martin Luther King, Jr.

When you practice y'chi, everything is in sync: your mind, body, vision, movements, breathing and heart. Because you are totally focused on your target, there is little room for your mind to think about anything else. A mind that is relaxed, creates a body that is relaxed. When our mind wanders and is constantly thinking and worrying, it uses a lot of energy and it takes away our peace and joy and creates havoc and stress in our bodies.

A developed mind that is able to maintain focus exists peacefully in each moment and a healthy mind creates a healthy and injury free body.

Note: You can also practice this technique while walking.

Benefits of Y'Chi

As you practice and develop the ancient technique of y'chi, you will think more clearly and be able to focus much better in all areas of your life. Because you are not using energy to process thousands of thoughts each minute, your body will feel more energized and relaxed.

Your body will be free to move more easily and effortlessly reducing the risk of injury. Running will become easier and more enjoyable with improved speed and efficiency. 

Y'chi is one of the techniques that Danny Dryer teaches in his book, Chi Running. This book includes many innovative training techniques teaching us how to heal and prevent injuries and also how to run faster, further and with much less effort regardless of age or ability.

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Until next month, keep running and smiling and be happy, healthy and peaceful!

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