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Running with the Whole Body

A 30-day program to run faster with less effort - feel a difference after the first chapter!

Running with the Whole Body is a must-have for all runners. Whether you are just beginning to run or you have been running for years, you can become a better runner in just 30 days. Pain and injuries will no longer be a concern.

This book has changed how I run dramatically. Now I know how it feels to run correctly. It doesn't hurt to run any more. Running has become much easier and I am running faster and with less effort. I feel more powerful and stronger than ever before. What this book can teach you is amazing because it focuses on correcting how you move by feeling movements! You will let go of bad habits as you learn from the inside out.

The secret to good running

Running with the Whole Body teaches you how to use the Feldenkrais Method to make dynamic improvements to your running. You will feel a difference after completing the first chapter. Your running will be smoother and quicker. When you have completed the book, you will know what it feels like to run with your whole body.

You will be utilizing the "drive point" - the body awareness technique that uses the shoulders and arms to drive the motion of the legs. This connection is the "secret" to good running. Your whole body will be moving in a balanced, efficient, and synergistic manner. Your running will be faster and easier than ever before and you will know how to run pain free and injury free.

Try the 30-Day Program!

Running with the Whole Body was written by Jack Heggie, a Feldenkrais®  Practitioner, who studied with Dr. Moche Feldenkrais in Israel and in the United States. Until his death in 2002, he maintained a private practice and taught many skiing and running workshops. He has helped numerous runners become faster and overcome injuries through his Feldenkrais® running classes. You can access these same benefits through his book.

Become a powerful runner

Each chapter in this book isolates specific body parts and shows you how to efficiently use these parts in concert with the rest of your body. You will be utilizing the strong muscles of the hips, spine and shoulders to transform you into a powerful runner.

The methods in this book are different from any other. It is not an instruction guide or manual in which you try to emulate someone's idea of how you should be moving. It teaches you to listen to "your body" so that you can feel the correct way to run. The sensations of your own body will guide you as you complete the exercises in this book. You will learn from the inside out!

Your body will become free of bad habits developed over the years. Running will become effortless, fun and fast. Ultimately, you will be using the incredible strength of your hips, spine and shoulders to reach your true running potential. You will be running with fluid, grace and ease as a powerful runner.

This book is also available in Audio Format!

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Running with the whole body

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