Stunning Running in Dubai

Surprisingly there are many beautiful places to go running in Dubai. If ever you have the opportunity to go to this exciting place, be sure to check them out. Visiting the vibrant and dynamic city-state of Dubai is an extraordinary experience and the options for running in Dubai are about as endless as its desire to expand its presence in the Persian Gulf!

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Despite its natural desert landscape, the modern city of Dubai offers a unique blend of innovative architectural structures, expansive waterfront boardwalks, and lush greenery. So if you visit Dubai, whether for business or pleasure, be sure to pack your running shoes so you can enjoy an exhilarating experience of running in Dubai. 

The Jumeriah Beach Running Track

There are many places to run in Dubai, but the one I run most often is the impressive 7km Jumeriah Beach running track. It starts at the beach near Umm Suqeim Park and finishes near the entrance to the Dubai Water Canal. 

This 7km rubberized running track runs alongside the many long stretches of sandy beach on this coast. There is also a boardwalk and cycle track, opportunities to rent e-bikes and scooters, and numerous unique places to each and drink along here.

Most importantly and to every runner's delight, there are public toilets all along this magnificent running track. 

Running in Dubai along the Jumeriah Beach running track

Kite Beach is one of the many beach areas you will see when running this track. It is one of Dubai's most popular free beaches. It has many cafes, restaurants, small boutiques, changing facilities and even a place to refill your water bottle. As the name says, it also offers kitesurfing and other watersports such as: kayaking, wakeboarding, and stand-up paddleboarding. Recently, powerful new floodlights and round-the-clock lifeguards, have been added to allow 24-hour swimming.  

Running in the Dubai Marina

Another area I have really enjoyed running is around the Dubai Marina. It has a wide pedestrian promenade that runs along the edge of the water, known as the Marina Walk. You can run a 10km loop around the entire marina with options to shorten the route in the form of bridges.

Running around the Dubai Marina offers a scenic and vibrant experience with modern skyscrapers, panoramic views of the marina's waterways, luxury yachts, a lively atmosphere, and the impressive skyline of Dubai. The route is especially enchanting in the evening when the buildings are illuminated.

Night lights along the Dubai MarinaThe Dubai Marina at night.

Along the route you will see the Marina Mall, a popular shopping destination; the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, a prominent landmark along the route; as well as The Address Dubai Marina, a 200-room skyscraper hotel situated at the heart of the marina, which can serve as a notable point of reference.

One of my favorite places to dine along the Dubai Marina is Pier 7. This cylindrical shape seven-story building is a architectural marvel. It is known for its spectacular views of the Marina and each level houses a different restaurant, with its own unique atmosphere, menu, and culinary concept, making it a versatile destination for various dining occasions.

The Palm Jumeriah Boardwalk

Running along the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is another popular choice for runners with its wide pathways and beautiful surroundings. A few years ago while staying at Rixos The Palm Hotel, I ran along a section of this spectacular boardwalk. This spacious pathway runs along the breakwater for 11kms, providing a refreshing run with a gentle seabreeze.   

While running along this boardwalk, the outer crescent of The Palm, you can enjoy stunning views of the iconic palm-shaped archipelago, the Persian Gulf, and the impressive skyline of Dubai. Landmarks along the route, include: The Atlantis Hotel and the Aquaventure Waterpark. 

Aerial of the Palm Jumeriah DubaiThe Palm Jumeriah

Access to The Palm Jumeirah is easy by car or by bus, and you can start your run from various points along the crescent. Many of the hotels and residences on The Palm have direct access to the running track. 

The Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk

The Dubai Water Canal has a dedicated boardwalk that is perfect for running. It stretches along the water on both sides of the canal. The  pedestrian bridges add to the appeal of the route and offers runners an opportunity to add loops and variety to the route.

Running along the Dubai Canal offers brilliant views of the canal itself, the surrounding skyscrapers of Business Bay, and the Dubai skyline. A notable architectural feature of the canal is the waterfall-shaped bridge, known as the Dubai Water Canal Arch. It can serve as a distinctive landmark for runners.

Al Barsha Pond Park

Another smaller and less popular area for running is a well-maintained 1.4 km rubberized track that circles the scenic, large pond in Al Barsha Pond Park. It's a peaceful location away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As you run along the track, you can enjoy the beautiful landscaping and greenery that this park is known for. 

Have you experienced running in Dubai?

As you can see, there are lots of options to experience some incredible running in Dubai. It is not a large city, so you should not have to travel very far from where you are staying to find somewhere enjoyable to run. 

The only problem you may encounter is the heat. Dubai is known for its hot weather but it does become milder during the winter. My favorite time to visit Dubai is in November when the temperatures are still mid-20s to low 30s degrees Celsius. At this temperature it is still warm enough to enjoy the beach, but cool enough to run comfortably in the morning or in the evenings. 

I am fortunate to have family living in Dubai so I have a good excuse to travel there regularly. This year I visited in early November, and I was not disappointed with the running or sightseeing. There is always something new to see and do in Dubai. 

Have you been to Dubai? Did you get a chance to run while you were there? Please share your experience in the comments below. 

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