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My Big Toenail Have a black blood

by Adebayo Gbenga

I developed a little injury on my big toenail some weeks ago. The fact is that I have to trim my toenail to remove the black blood. The blood there is dried so I left it for a while.

Maybe where I trimmed it will return to it's normal shape but it didn't return to the way it was. So I cut the toenail down. I hope it will re-grow again. So I am asking you if my toenail will grow again and how many months will it take to grow again?

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It should be ok with time
by: Jackie

Hi Adebayo,

I hope your toe is not too painful. Your toenail should grow back normally in a few months. Whenever I have lost a toenail it grew back and looks the same as before.

Keep your toenails trimmed and make sure your running shoes are 1/2 size larger than you usually wear.

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