Free Your Feet
The Science Behind Barefoot Running

The following "Free your Feet" infographic is an entertaining yet informative graphic that quickly and concisely illustrates the benefits of and the science behind barefoot running using historical and factual information. It is the artwork of the X-ray Technician Schools. If you have ever wondered about the advantages of barefoot running and why so many runners are returning to this more natural way of running, they are explained here simply in this graphic.

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Free Your Feet Infographic

Free your feet

Part one of the graphic demonstrates and explains how bulky shoes have failed us resulting in so many runners getting injured. The bulky shoes exert more strain on our joints than walking in high-heeled shoes. An interesting point about these shoes quoted from the infographic states, "The prescription of cushioned, padded running shoes is not based on any scientific evidence." Definitely, something to think about. 

Part two gives the history of running shoes, ranging from back before shoes were invented up to current day which includes the return of barefoot running and minimalist shoes. Details are provided on the Tarahumara, an Indian tribe in Mexico, who are known for their long-distance barefoot running habits. They can run for up to two days barefoot or in minimalist shoes or sandals. 

Part three of the infographic gives the science behind barefoot running, beginning with a comparison between shoed runners and barefoot runners. It explains how the different running styles result in different landing strikes and the increased impact caused by heel striking. It also provides a breakdown on the proven increase of various running injuries caused by traditional padded running shoes. 

This infographic probably won't give you all the information you need if you are considering switching to barefoot running, but it does provide a summary and reminder of how runners used to run before cushioned shoes were invented and when running injuries were not so prevalent. 

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