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Free Your Feet - The Science
of Barefoot Running

The following "Free your Feet" infographic is a pretty cool graphic that explains the return to barefoot running using factual information. It was created by the X-ray Technician Schools. If you have ever wondered about the advantages of barefoot running, they are summarized here in this cute graphic.

The first section explains how bulky shoes have failed us resulting in so many runners getting injured. The bulky shoes exert more strain on our joints than walking in high-heeled shoes.

The second part provides the history of running shoes, ranging from back before shoes were invented up to today with the return of barefoot running and minimalist shoes. Details are also provided on the Tarahumara, an Indian tribe in Mexico, who are known for their long-distance barefoot running habits.

The third section of the infographic provides the science behind barefoot running. It demonstrates the different landing strikes and impacts of a shoed runner compared to a barefoot running. 

This infographic is a concise, but comprehensive information source that quickly and accurately demonstrates the return of today's runners to barefoot running. Check it out!

Free Your Feet Infographic

Created by: xraytechnicianschools.net

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