Best Earbuds for Running

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The best earbuds for running are the pair that will not fall out. Many runners would love to listen to music while they are running, but they cannot find a pair that are comfortable and stay in place during a run. New styles of earphones are available that make bold claims to fit your ear and stay put!

Ironman Endure Earbuds

When shopping for the best earphones for running, look for a model that is light-weight, water resistant and sweat resistant. Your earbuds for running should be portable and not heavy or bulky. They should be durable and made from quality materials to ensure long lasting wear. Ear phones should deliver a deep, rich sound and fit comfortably and securely in your ears.

Some models include control functions and a mic that allow for quick phone use. Some styles of the best earphones for running come with comfortable ear clips that wrap securely around the ear. Other models are designed to wrap comfortably around the neck. The design of running head phones is really a personal choice but for a runner, ear phones that stay put are essential.

The following video is entertaining, but it does have a purpose. It rigorously tests two of the more popular brands of earphones for running: the Skullcandy Fix In Ear Buds

and the Yurbuds Ironman Earbuds

. Each guy is wearing a brand of earbuds and testing them by jumping around and getting as much head movement as possible.

The video demonstrates extreme movements and both brands of earbuds remain in the ears. Running doesn't require quite as much movement as tested in this video, so either product should be a good choice for you or for the runner in your life.

Safety Tip - If your earbuds block all outside noise, please consider only wearing one when in traffic areas.

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