3 Effective Ways to Overcome a Sluggish Run

Most of us have experienced a sluggish run from time to time. We feel like we just cannot get going as we normally do. We feel heavy, we are lacking in energy and we don't know why.

Our body just doesn't want to go forward. It wants to do nothing and go nowhere. It is a stubborn battle between our mind and our body. 

Sluggish Run

What do you do when you feel like this? What works for you? I have three suggestions that are effective in conquering the battle against the sluggish run!

1. Positive affirmations

Our thoughts or whatever we are thinking about plays a big part in how our body performs. As soon as I become aware that my thoughts are contributing to a difficult,  sluggish run, I quickly work to change them. I believe that Positive Affirmations are the quickest and easiest ways of achieving this.

They have often helped me move from a negative place to a place that is more positive, productive and just feels good! It is during these experiences that we can realize the incredible effect that our thoughts have on our bodies. My run this morning started out as heavy and sluggish. I was really struggling and I didn't like it. Then I remembered one of my favorite affirmations and began repeating it:  "I am a strong and healthy runner." Shortly after I began to feel better and running felt easier and definitely more enjoyable. 

"The higher your energy level - the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results." 

-- Anthony Robbins

Positive Affirmations help to bring us back to a more positive, feel-good state so we can enjoy running!

2. Maintain a good running form

If we let our running posture collapse, it can cause us to feel sluggish and running feels harder.  Our shoulders come forward, our head drops, we drag our feet and our whole body feels heavier. Breathing becomes laboured and running requires much more effort.  It becomes a sluggish run!

We must maintain a good running form at all times, even if we feel tired. Actually... especially when we feel tired because we are only making it harder on ourselves. Without a proper running form, we are not running efficiently and when feeling tired we need to make the best use of our remaining energy.

When running feels difficult and sluggish, we need to bring our focus back to our form and ensure that we are running efficiently at all times.

Have you downloaded the running form template yet? If not, subscribe now to get your copy. 

3. Ignite your energy

The following is a technique that I find very helpful when my energy feels depleted during a run. It is a visualization exercise which helps to boost my energy quickly so I can feel energized again.

This technique draws on Reiki wisdom and helps to revive our energy by bringing awareness to our solar plexus chakra (will power) using our intention, our breath and the element of fire. If the concept of chakras is new to you, the following description by Anodea Judith in her book, Chakras: Seven Keys to Awakening and Healing the Energy Body explains:

"Chakras are whirling centres of life-force energy occurring in what is called the energy body or subtle body. They are not physical in the literal sense–you couldn’t dissect someone on an operating table and find or replace one of their chakras!–yet they are experienced in the physical body as a subtle activation of energy in various locations, such as the heart, belly, or throat."

Increase Energy

There are seven main chakras and the solar plexus chakra (see image above) is located in the upper stomach area (between the belly button and the rib cage). It is associated with our vitality, will power and the element of fire. If it is deficient, we can feel sluggish and lacking drive or purpose. 

A visualization technique to overcome that sluggish run!

So how can we fire up this chakra when we are experiencing a sluggish run? The following technique has worked for me:

First I begin with a firm intention to increase the energy flow to my belly.  I imagine that I have the ability to breathe fire. Drawing on the image of a fire breathing dragon really helps with this.

Then I imagine that I can breathe a vast amount of revitalizing, healthy flames of fire into my body.  I continue to do this for a few breaths or until I really get a feel for it.

Finally, I imagine the fire going to my solar plexus as I mentally direct my breath into the upper belly area. This technique has worked for me and I am sure it will help you too.

Our imagination is an incredible tool and when we use it in conjunction with our breath to connect to life force energy, amazing things can happen—such as a dramatic increase in our energy. This can happen very quickly when we also set an intention to become more energized.

If we have energetic blocks and imbalances that prevent us from accessing our full vitality, we feel exhausted, unsettled, ill and prone to injuries. We can learn to work with our energy centers and revitalize our life force energy. Learn how to: Heal your energy centers.       

If you are not familiar with belly breathing, check out this article on How to Belly Breathe.  

Do you have a technique that you use when you need a boost of energy while running? How do you deal with it? Please share in the comments below.

If your motivation needs a boost, check out How to Stay Motivated to get your mojo going again!

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