A Running Injury Healing Meditation for You!

Recover Quickly From a Running Injury Now!

This running injury healing meditation will help you recover faster from an injury. This meditation is for runners who currently have an injury and want to heal as quickly as possible and also for those who are concerned about developing an injury. 

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In only 18 minutes you can help yourself heal faster by activating and strengthening the healing process. 


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This Running Injury Healing Meditation uses the Power of Intention to create an environment receptive to healing so it can happen faster. 

Health is our natural state, but our fears and beliefs can interfere with the healing process. We can remove these blocks which prevent healing from happening quickly. 


When we use the Power of Intention, we are using the power of a focused mind and pointing it in a desired direction so it can perform at its maximum efficiency. This is how great accomplishments are achieved.  There is no limit to the power of a focused mind. 

"Our intention creates our reality."

-- Wayne Dyer

The Power of Intention increases positive thinking and expectations. When we expect to heal faster, we will; and science agrees with this. 

This study showed that positive recovery expectations can lead to faster recovery times. The power of positive thinking now has hard science behind it!

So... if we believe we will heal faster, we will. 

"In each case the better a patient's expectations about how they would do after surgery or some health procedure, the better they did," said study author Donald Cole, of the Institute for Work and Health in Toronto. 


When we use meditation in conjunction with the Power of Intention, we are combining two powerful techniques which promote faster healing. Meditation is a deeply powerful way to train the mind and it has been shown to provide many deep healing benefits. 

This study showed that patients who meditated reported less sensitivity to pain. Also, the fMRI showed increased activity in the brain centers that are known to control pain. 

Running Injury Healing Meditation

Let this running injury healing meditation help you:

  • increase your positive expectations,
  • activate healing,
  • train your mind, and
  • remove blocks to healing

so you can:

 Heal faster than you ever thought possible!


Our bodies are comprised of 50 trillion living cells. Meditation can help us provide and maintain a healthy, thriving environment for these cells. How?

By helping us have higher quality thoughts!

Think about the quality of your thoughts. Are they usually positive, confident and happy? Or are they based on fear, doubt and worry?

Our cell health (and hence our body's health) is dictated by the quality of our thoughts and this is supported by research.

Renowned cell researcher, Bruce Lipton,  discovered that the programming of our cells is not in the nucleus but in the cell membrane.  This protective covering of the cell responds to environmental information, such as our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. 

So how can we have happier, clearer, more positive and confident thoughts?


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