A Guided Loving Kindness Meditation For Running

This guided loving kindness meditation will help you feel happier and more motivated. And you can practice it while you are running!

A loving kindness meditation appeals to our innate sense of kindness. This is why it is so effective and make us feel so good. 

  • Would you like to feel more positive and improve your mood quickly?
  • Would you like to increase your self-compassion and positive emotions?
  • Would you like to reduce stress and increase well-being?
  • Would you like to raise your vibrational frequency?

This Guided Loving Kindness Meditation can help
you develop these attributes while you are running!

And because you are feeling more positive,
loving and happier...

You will be running injury free more often!

And as we know .... a happy runner is an injury free runner!


Do you struggle finding time to meditate? Do you struggle with sitting still to do a meditation?

Running provides a unique opportunity to meditate as our minds are more open and receptive . Our right brain functions, such as imagination and intuition,  become more active while running; thus, meditating while running is very effective and it saves time! In addition, a loving kindness meditation seems easier to do as it appeals to our natural emotions of  kindness, compassion and empathy.

Meditating helps us feel better and more motivated as we learn to focus more on our positive emotions and the positive aspects of our lives. We learn to better understand ourselves and how we relate to others. 

Guided Loving Kindness Meditation

An extensive amount of research have been conducted on the effects of loving kindness meditation on emotional and physical health. These studies have demonstrated incredible results, such as: 

Loving kindness meditation can also help us after a negative experience. These ordeals are often difficult to overcome but using these meditations can help us by increasing self-compassion and promoting positive emotions such as optimism, curiosity and happiness. 

Download your copy now and start feeling better today!

A Guided Loving Kindness Meditation for Running

Want to feel happier and more motivated? Try this loving kindness meditation running meditation for immediate results. Studies show that a loving kindness meditation has immediate and long term effects even in small doses. Listen to this guided loving kindness meditation while running for a quick boost in positivity, happiness and motivation.

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