Currently training for my first marathon at 69 years of age...

by Brian Donovan
(Irish midlands; Co. Meath)

Photo at end of half-marathon in March 2022

Photo at end of half-marathon in March 2022

This is Brian, from the Irish midlands. I started running at age 65, in a 0-3km group and have not stopped.

I ran my first two half-marathons in 2022 and recently registered for my first full-marathon in September. At present, I've already been training and am working on building my aerobic base.

My goals was targeting 5k each month using nasal breathing. At present, I'm closing in on 10k with nasal breathing (wearing mouth tape and a nasal dilator for assistance) and coming on just fine.

I also run once or twice a week, short distances, in a weight vest. Currently, I'm at just over 5k in a 10kg vest. Tiring, but certainly helps with strength!

Best of luck to all runners in their 2023 goals!

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Great Goal
by: Jackie

September is a good time to do a marathon. I much prefer to train during the summer than in the winter. It's a great goal to get it done before your 70th. Wishing you every success,

short comment...
by: Brian

Hi, Jackie.

My marathon is set for my age, I was really hoping to be set to run one at 70. If I can beat that age I'd be delighted!


You are an inspiration!
by: Jackie

I am very impressed Brian. You have only been running a few years and you have already accomplished so much. I am particularly impressed with your determination to learn nasal breathing as most runners say it is impossible and we both know it is not :)

I have not tried running with a weight vest and it does sound very tiring, but I am sure it must help you feel stronger.

Best of luck to you on your first marathon in March. Be sure to come back and tell us about it!

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