Using Luna Sandals at 68 in first half-marathon...

by Brian Donovan
(Irish midlands.)

Near finish line at first half-marathon...

Near finish line at first half-marathon...

I am a relatively newcomer to running, as I started with a 0-3k group when I turned 65. Now, I am 68, running regularly with a local athletics club (as well as cycling with a different cycling club). As a runner, I use Luna sandals and have had no problems, or injuries (other than one over-training injury which was totally self-inflicted).

Before running, I had been studying footwear and posture, and upon turning 60, stopped wearing shoes and only wore either flat sandals or flat shoes. My posture improved; I worked on foot exerices; and walked long distances (10-15k) on a regular basis, mostly in forest areas. This meant walking on variable ground.

In the 0-3k running group, the coach/trainer made a point at the beginning of commenting on people's shoes. She looked at mine and questioned my presence in the group. I explained about the science of flat footwear (Irene Davis as from your quote) and continued with the training. After the group ended, a few of us ran a 5k run in a local town, and a new athletics club was started.

The club established itself (believe it or not) a week before the covid lockdown, which meant personal training, but no group work for a while.

In March of this year, I ran my first half-marathon (after appropriate training and preparation). Attached is a photo of me, near the finish line.

Smiling broadly, in mid air, in sandals, is not how I ever imagined completing my first long run. However, I have another in September and am fully prepared (never mind with 5k; 10k; 10 mile runs during the summer) for it.


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by: Jackie

Congratulations Brian! What a wonderful barefoot success story and a perfect picture of you at the finish of your first half!. We need to hear more of these inspirational stories as the positive aspects of running in minimal shoes has been so underrated!

Please keep us updated on your barefoot running adventure!

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