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Running Barefoot for six years

by Michael Herz
(Des Plaines, IL, U.S.A.)

I have been running barefoot for six years. This year I ran six marathons! I average over forty miles per week. No knee pain, no back pain. It is the best thing I have done, to get out of shoes!

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by: Jackie

That's amazing Michael. I am glad barefoot running has been so beneficial for you. I have been running in minimal shoes for 8 years and I couldn't imagine running in anything else. Running in my vibrams feels so natural to me. Running completely barefoot must feel incredible!

2019 - 10 Marathons barefoot
by: Michael Herz

It has been 15 years since I started running barefoot, and the last few years I ran 10 marathons a year, all 26 miles barefoot.

I run 7 miles a day, everyday.

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