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It makes a cold day enjoyable

by Genny
(St. John's, Newfoundland)

A cold day in November on the east coast of Canada with a brisk north east wind doesn't make one anxious to go running or so one would think. I really felt like hanging up my runners when I got home from work this evening. It was so cold and the wind felt like it was chilling my bones. Persistence took over and I put on my warm running clothes and headed out the door. I was completed covered with my warm hat, mittens, and neck warmer. The only skin that was visible was around my eyes. I'm sure some of the neighbours thought there was a robbery underway.

I started to run slowly at first to give my body a chance to warm up. I was only running a few minutes when I started to realize what a beautiful evening it was. It was so great to be outdoors, breathing the fresh cool air. I didn't feel cold at all. I felt warm and I was totally enjoying the experience. I was so happy to be running and then I remembered one of the many reasons why I love running - it makes a cold day so enjoyable! I love this time of year, don't you?

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Working outside in the cold
by: Clem

I work outdoors in this weather. I enjoy working outdoors whatever the weather.

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