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The Peaceful Runner Newsletter #4 - January 5, 2011 - Can Running be your Meditation?
January 05, 2011
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Happy New Year and best wishes to you for a happy, healthy and injury-free 2011!

Welcome to the January edition of The Peaceful Runner Newsletter - a free monthly resource of tips, inspirational quotes, recipes and the latest news and trends in running.

In this issue:

1) Quote of the month
2) Article: Can Running be your Meditation?
3) News: Beetroot juice can improve your running performance
4) What are your running goals for 2011?
5) Recipe of the month: Beetroot Juice Drink

Quote of the Month:

"Mind is everything: muscle--pieces of rubber. All that I am, I am because of my mind." Paavo Nurmi

Article: Can Running be your Meditation?

As you are probably aware, meditation offers a number of health and wellness benefits. It can help us find a source of peace and tranquility in our chaotic world. It helps us come to terms with the stress in our lives and removes suffering. We learn to become one with our true nature resulting in a healthy mind and body.

Most of us struggle with sitting still and quieting our minds. At the end of a work day, we just want to go for a run and expend some of the energy that has been building all day. During your run is a great time to practice meditation.

Most forms of meditation, such as vipassana meditation, begin with the breath. Practice focusing on your breath during your run. When thoughts creep into your mind, bring your focus back to your breath. It takes concentration, but it will help you develop a strong and healthy mind.

Become aware of everything that you are experiencing. Practice sensing rather than thinking. Feel the sensations in your body and accept them. Breath into an area that is feeling tired or sore. Practice non-resistance to aches and pains.

Hear and absorb all sounds - the traffic, the wind, the birds, your feet hitting the ground. Enjoy the total experience.

When you have finished your run, you will feel a sense of peace and contentment. Try to maintain this feeling as you return back to your regular daily tasks.


Read more about vipassana meditation

News: Beetroot juice can improve your running performance

A recent study with some interesting test results demonstrated how beetroot or beet juice can increase high intensity performance time. Check out the benefits of drinking beetroot juice.

What are your running goals for 2011?

The beginning of a new year is the best time to set your running goals. What goals do you want to achieve this year?

Maybe there is a certain race you plan to train for, maybe you want to complete your first 1/2 or full marathon, maybe you are aiming for a personal best, or maybe you are travelling to an exciting new place to race. Please share your aspirations for this year.

Click on running goals to share.

Recipe of the Month: Beetroot Juice Drink

Now that you know the benefits of drinking beetroot juice, you will want to give this fabulous drink a try to help improve your high intensity performance.

Beetroot Juice Drink

  • 1 small beetroot
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • Approximately 1 cup of fresh pineapple


  1. Prepare beetroot by removing top and scrubbing with a stiff brush to remove any dirt.
  2. Peel or wash the cucumber.
  3. Remove rind from pineapple and slice.
  4. Cut the fruit and vegetables for juicer.
  5. Juice and enjoy.

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Keep peaceful and keep running,


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