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The Peaceful Runner Newsletter #21 - June 20, 2012 - Free Program that Easily Develops Core Strength
June 20, 2012

Welcome to the June edition of The Peaceful Runner Newsletter - your free monthly resource for inspirational articles and quotes, healthy recipes and the latest news and trends in running.

In this issue:

1) Quote of the month
2) Article: Free Program that Easily Develops Core Strength
3) Credit Card Size Sports Phone Ideal for Runners
4) Why you Need to do Running Drills

Quote of the Month:

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
-- George Bernard Shaw

Free Program that Easily Develops Core Strength

Are you looking for a simple program that actually works to develop your core strength, flatten your tummy and tone your arms? I may have found just the solution you are looking for.

Running is a great and enjoyable way to get in shape. It has many health benefits--both mental and physical, but no matter how much we run, it will not develop our core strength or tone our arms. To become stronger, we need to strength-train to develop these parts of our bodies.

A few months ago, I happened to stumble upon a very effective program that is quite easy to follow, doesn't take a lot of time and doesn't involve a trip to the gym. I have been following this program for the past couple of months and it is working for me. I feel stronger and more toned than ever--particularly in the upper body.

This program consists of only four basic exercises: pushups, pull-ups, squats and planks. It is a progressive program so you build your strength as you progress through the program. So don't worry if you can't do a pull-up now. You will do easier versions of each exercise that will eventually develop your strength so gradually you will be able to do all of these exercises.

You can do this program anywhere and the only piece of equipment you need is a pull-up or chin-up bar. You can usually purchase one of these that mount over the door for about $30 at Wal-mart or other similar department store.

The program I am referring to is called "Primal Blueprint Fitness." I found the program online when I was reading about the Primal Lifestyle. You can get a free copy of this workout program when you subscribe to You can unsubscribe at anytime, but I enjoy reading Mark's newsletters as they are very interesting and all his topics are well-researched. Mark Sisson is the author of Mark's Daily Apple and he is an advocate for the Primal Lifestyle. According to Mark, the Primal Blueprint Fitness program is a shortcut to "fitness, strength, leanness and health."

I usually do this program three times a week on the days that I don't run. It takes me about 40 minutes or less to complete the two required cycles. It was just what I was looking for...a simple strength training program that works! Hopefully, it will work for you too.

Sign up to get your copy of Primal Blueprint Fitness here: Primal Blueprint Fitness

Credit Card Size Sports Phone Ideal for Runners

You can now leave your expensive smart phone at home and carry a 1.3 ounce sports phone on the trails. These compact phones are lightweight, durable, water-resistant and sell for about $50. Developed by Real Phone Corporation, this sports phone makes an ideal choice for a second phone for those with an active lifestyle who don't want to risk losing or damaging their expensive smart phone.

Read more about this new sports phone and where you can purchase one here: Sports Phone

Why you Need to do Running Drills

When was the last time you practiced running drills? If you can't remember, it was too long ago. Running drills can really help you improve your running form and help you run more naturally, easily and efficiently. When you have a natural running form, you will reduce injuries and soreness. Learn all the aspects of a natural running form and how to develop better form using some great running drills.

Read the full article to discover your Natural Running Form.

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