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The Peaceful Runner Newsletter #7 - April 5, 2011 - Running Solo can Provide many Benefits
April 05, 2011

Welcome to the April edition of The Peaceful Runner Newsletter - a free monthly resource of tips, inspirational quotes, recipes and the latest news and trends in running.

In this issue:

1) Quote of the month
2) Article: Running Solo can Provide many Benefits
3) Are you experiencing Heel Pain?

Quote of the Month:

"To learn to meditate is the biggest gift you can give to yourself in this life. Indeed, only meditation will allow you to discover your true nature and find balance and roots to live well. Meditation is the way that leads towards awakening." Sogyal Rinpoche

Article: Running Solo can Provide many Benefits

In February's issue of The Peaceful Runner Newsletter, we discussed how running solo can help you become a mentally strong runner. It helps prepare you for difficult races and runs. If you are experiencing a particularily difficult run, you will be able to overcome the struggle, encourage yourself to continue, and finish strong.

This month we are going to discuss the many benefits of running solo. First of all, the obvious one: convenience. When you run by yourself, you do it at the time and place that is most convenient for you. It can be a real timesaver, especially when you are pressed for time. Here are the other benefits you can learn to enjoy when running solo:

  • Enjoy nature. It is an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate nature in all its glory. There are no conversations or other distractions, so you can hear the birds sing, listen to the wind in the trees, watch the clouds go by, smell the fragrance of fresh cut grass, and all other natural sights and sounds that are so pleasing to the senses. You can have a heightened sense of awareness to enjoy all nature has to offer. Doing a run in total appreciation of nature can be so uplifting!

  • Meditate. Running solo is an opportunity to quieten the mind from all the noise and busy-ness of the day. As there are no conversations to listen to or to participate, you can let your mind relax and meditate. Many people struggle to sit still and quiet their mind during a sitting meditation. Meditating while running is a much easier way to settle your mind and connect to your inner source.

  • Problem solving. It is a great time to sort out that problem that is troubling you so much. As running is a great release for stress, it will help clear your mind to make better decisions. Running without distractions can help you focus better and get a clearer picture of a problem. You may find, as I often do, that a simple solution just seems to arise from within that I had not thought about before.

  • Get creative. Running solo allows your creative juices to flow. As you practice quietening your mind, you will probably notice that great ideas just seem to pop into your head. Running solo, without distractions or stress, can be your most productive hour of the day.

Give it a try and if you struggle with running solo, check out February's issue again, Do you struggle when running solo?

Are you experiencing Heel Pain?

It could be Achilles tendonitis. Check out this article for information on the causes and treatments for: Achilles tendonitis.
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