Ultramarathon Running

by David Bohmiller
(Framingham, MA, USA)

Getting Back to Ultramarathon Running Shape

As with anything in life, we've found that running has ebbs and flows.

Those can be in consistency with training, mindset, and even race day performance.

For years, we've participated in running, both recreationally and competitively.

From 5k races to 10k races, obstacle course races, team relays, ultramarathons, and multi-day running events (with some triathlon and other fun events mixed in, too).

With a recent move, change of job, and being back in school, we've been thrown off of our game a little bit in regard to the consistency of our training. Good thing our quality of training hasn't been negatively impacted, otherwise we'd really be in deep water!

Our Running Goals for 2019

We've got several goals for the remainder of 2019.

Here are the most important of those:

  • Become consistent in training - we really want to break a sweat everyday

  • Get some more events on the running calendar - whether a race or destination training, both would be lots of fun

  • Crosstrain effectively - not just running, but strength, flexibility, nutrition, and mindset

  • Have fun with friends - we're happy training alone, as we push ourselves really well that way, but having running buddies with us can make it an even better experience

What About Ultramarathon Running Races?

We've got some fun races on our resume, including:

But, what are we really dreaming of running? Here are a few:

  • The Icarus Florida Ultrafest - we'd participated last year on a whim and accomplished a nice, 100k run

  • The Endurance Society's Infinitus 888k or 10-day event - more likely the 10 day where you "enjoy" a rugged, Vermont trail race of 1 marathon per day, featuring 4,000' of gain per full lap.

  • The Vermont 100 - we're sort of partial to the States in New England...haha

We've Got the Running Plan

We've got the plan to get everything accomplished. Now, we just have to put that plan into action...every single day, while holding ourselves accountable, and making sure that we're enjoying the process.

Thanks to The Peaceful Runner!

Thanks so much for creating this wonderful, online resource for runners. There's so much content. We're excited to keep reading through it all!

About the Author

David Bohmiller is a runner, biker, hiker, and lover of all adventures. He is also a health and fitness professional, holding a degree in Physical Education & Exercise Science, the NSCA CSCS certification, and the NSCA TSAC-F certification, while managing a Marathon Running site. Hopefully, he'll see you out there on the roads, trails, and mountains some day! Happy Running, all!

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