The Tapping Solution for
Running Injuries

What is the Tapping Solution and how can it help you recover from running injuries? Tapping is also known as Emotional Freedom Technique. It is an energy psychology therapy which combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

You can perform a set of techniques which utilize the body's energy meridian points to help you heal and recover from running injuries. The best part of this therapy is that you can easily learn this technique and use it to begin to heal any physical pain, limiting beliefs, or illnesses that are keeping you from living a completely healthy and fulfilling life. 

Tapping Solution

Recently there has been resurgence in the use of the Tapping Solution, but it is not a new therapy. Tapping on meridians or acupressure points was first used in the 1980's by Dr. Roger Callahan and at that time it was known as Thought Field Therapy. The method was refined and simplified in the 1990's by Dr. Gary Craig and it then became known as the Emotional Freedom Technique. Today it is often referred to as just, "Tapping." 

Since its first introduction, thousands of people have successfully used tapping to resolve emotional problems and cure chronic physical pain and illnesses. 

Tapping on acupressure points and repeating specific affirmations can help you permanently change beliefs, remove fears and phobias, heal pain and injuries, achieve weight loss, and relieve migraines. These energy meridians stimulate healing by tapping on them. 

You can direct your tapping practice towards your specific issues and unique life challenges. It works quickly and it is easy to do. Check out this introductory video on How to Reduce Stress by Gabrielle Bernstein and enjoy a quick therapy lesson now: 

As mentioned in the video, Nick Orter's book, The Tapping Solution is a must-have for anyone wanting to learn more about tapping.

But Does it Really Work?

According to the thousands of people who have been helped by the Emotional Freedom Technique or the Tapping Solution, the answer is a resounding, "YES!"

But is there any scientific evidence?

In recent years, studies have been completed at Harvard Medical School which determined that stress and fear can be lessened by stimulating the meridian points in our bodies. 

Other studies have been completed by Dr. Dawson Church, which have focused specifically on Tapping.

He reported the following findings: 

  • After an hour-long tapping session, there was an average of 24% reduction in cortisol, the hormone secreted by the body when under stress. Some participants in the study experienced up to a 50% reduction in cortisol. 
  • After six rounds of tapping, war veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) had an average decrease of 63% in PTSD symptoms. 

Can the Tapping Solution
help with Running Injuries?

Are you suffering from an old recurring injury? Do you have a new injury that is limiting you and keeping you from running your best? Listen to and practice the following tapping exercises in the following audio interview with Stacey Vornbrock. These tapping sessions were shared at the Tapping World Summit in 2010.

Stacey is a Sports Performance Pioneer in injury recovery and she has written a number of sports performance manuals and is one of the many experts who have contributed to Freedom at Your Fingertips: Get Rapid Physical and Emotional Relief with the Breakthrough System of Tapping, an amazing compilation of EFT tools! Stacey has been helping athletes achieve better performances through rapidly healing old injuries and new injuries alike.

In this interview there are many tapping exercises which you can use to help you recover physically and emotionally from any pain or injury you may have experienced.

Tapping Interview 

(Click on link above to play audio or right-click and select "Save link as..." to save to your computer)

Tapping for Weight Loss

Tapping is also an incredible tool for weight loss, because so often the weight that we hold on our bodies is actually caused by stress and stress hormones forcing our bodies into fat storage mode. 

Essentially, tapping unblocks energetic points on your body that may have been holding you back from success and abundance. 

Lose weight and melt stress away with this simple and effective Tapping Technique.

You may also want to check out Nick Orter's new book The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief.

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