Running in the Snow & a Free Video Event
February 2021--The Peaceful Runner Newsletter #124

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Dear Friends, ready for winter running

Do you feel safe running in the snow and ice? If not, these 6 tips will help you feel more comfortable, confident and overcome your fear of falling. 

Also included in this newsletter is an invitation to a free video event. See details below. 

6 Tips for Running in the Snow

Running in the snow and ice can be a bit daunting especially if it's a new experience for you. During the past week much of England had to contend with colder than usual temperatures and snowy, icy slippery conditions. Being from Canada, I have lots of experience running in these conditions so I am enjoying this opportunity as it doesn't happen here often.  If you are a new runner or are new to running in the snow, these tips will help you feel safer and more confident about running in the snow and overcome the fear of falling.

I love running in the snow. It feels cool and crisp and is so picturesque on a sunny day. There is something so invigorating about running when it's really cold. You can hear the crunch of snow underfoot, sometimes you can see your breath and because you don't feel cold, you can really enjoy the whole experience! If you are lucky enough to be running in the snow when the sun is shining, you can capture some incredible images to share with your friends on Instagram or Facebook!

Free Video Event: Manifest Greater Abundance

Discover how to manifest greater abundance, love, and generosity in your life

What if the universe actually wanted you to be prosperous?

What if you could put aside your fears and live in the reality that you have exactly what you need in order to feel joy and to thrive in the life you’ve been given?

We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift — transitioning from gross materialism to authentic prosperity…

... which is based not on having excess, but feeling that you already have everything you need.

During this difficult time, so many people are experiencing contraction around the globe.

With focus and intention, we can make this a powerful moment to expand — releasing worries about the future...

… by having the awareness of the opportunities hidden in plain sight when we have a willingness to be prosperous and align with the natural abundance of the universe.

You can register for the FREE event here

Join Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, renowned teacher, author, and founder of L.A.'s Agape International Spiritual Center, for the next 7 days only...

... for Awaken Prosperity Consciousness to Activate Your Most Desired Life: Manifest Greater Abundance, Love & Generosity to Change Your World.

Michael is, simply put, one of the most powerful, inspiring, paradigm-shifting, soul-opening speakers on the planet.

Each minute with him is pure gold — a chance to let go of limiting beliefs and ideas, and to dare to become a vehicle for bringing so much more grace and goodness into the world.

I LOVE receiving the transmission of divine intelligence that moves through him — and this event could not be better timed given that we're in a period marked by so much difficulty, scarcity, and fear.

Michael will invite us to step into the much vaster opportunity before us: to live as divine co-creators and literally rewire our world to be a place where all can fulfill their potential.

He can help you create an inward reset, opening to the infinite opportunities that can be unlocked within, so that you can enter into a state of spiritually connected, natural abundance that allows you to thrive as you were created to do. 

It’s free to attend but you will need to RSVP . Don't miss out. This free event is only available for the next seven days! 

With love and blessings,
Jackie ♥

P.S. Join us for internationally renowned spiritual teacher Michael Bernard Beckwith’s free hour-long online event…

Awaken Prosperity Consciousness to Activate Your Most Desired Life: Manifest Greater Abundance, Love & Generosity to Change Your World

You’ll discover:

  • How to redefine prosperity and success for yourself
  • Your mandate to participate in your own destiny, not being reliant on others for contentment and happiness
  • That the Universe wants you to be happy, healthy, and prosperous so it can emerge through you and inspire others
  • How prosperity is not about materialism, but about filling yourself with joy, love, beauty, and creativity so you can share these qualities with others
  • How you can redefine prosperity through generosity and making a difference on the planet

RSVP for this free mini-workshop here.

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