The Real Cause of Running Injuries

November 2019--
The Peaceful Runner Newsletter #109

Dear Friend,

We hope you are happy, healthy and running injury free! If you currently have a running injury, we hope this month's newsletter inspires you to look at the cause of running injuries differently and empowers you to prevent future injuries!

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The Real Cause of Running Injuries

So you have another running injury. What is the cause this time--weak hip flexors, too much training, incorrect shoes, not enough stretching? Maybe we are looking in the completely wrong direction for the answer to this question.

Perhaps we should be looking at how we have been feeling and thinking lately. Yes I know, that sounds a bit wishy-washy but hear me out and possibly this will make perfect sense to you. And, there is a quick exercise you can do to determine if this is true for you or not.

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Until next month, be happy, healthy and keep running!

With love and blessings,

Jackie ♥

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