Positive Self-Talk Improves Endurance Performance
June 2020--The Peaceful Runner Newsletter #116

Dear Friend,

Would you like to improve your endurance performance and enjoy running more? Studies show that motivational and positive self-talk really can help. We just need to practice it! 

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Positive self-talk is a psychological strategy  frequently used by successful athletes and there is good reason for this.

Scientists have determined that our perception of required effort is what ultimately determines our endurance performance. In 2014 a study was conducted on the effects of positive motivational self-talk on cyclists.  Results concluded that motivational self-talk improves endurance performance by significantly reducing RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion). 

From the results of the study, it was also concluded that any factor or intervention designed to specifically target favourable changes in our perception of effort will be beneficial to our endurance performance.  

Take for example, the following statements:  "I want to go running" and "I have to go running."  What is the difference between these two statements and how do they affect our running performance?  

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Until next month, be happy, stay well and keep positive!

With love and blessings,

Jackie ♥

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