Gifts for Runners & a Free Online Event
January 2021--The Peaceful Runner Newsletter #123

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Dear Friends, ready for winter running

With the holidays and gift buying behind us, maybe it's time to treat ourselves. I found a number of trendy and useful new products that I would love to have so I think you will be excited about them too! 

This selection of gift ideas for runners includes some of the latest gadgets, innovative products, convenient recovery aids, useful running equipment and gear and more! Have a look and treat yourself today! 

Also included in this newsletter is an invitation to a free online event. See details below. 

Gifts for Runners

Runners are unique and so are their needs and interests. Buying gifts for them can be stressful unless you have the inside track. The following gift selection was chosen by a runner so you're sure to find something to delight and excite the runner in your life!

Free Online Event

Experience a Tai Chi sequence that takes you from stillness to motion

The current state of the world has many of us feeling more tense and anxious than ever before. When will things get back to normal and what can I do in the meantime to relieve tension, achieve a greater state of relaxation, and just generally feel better?

For the next 7 days only, in The Shift Network’s first-ever Tai Chi event, Tai Chi and Qigong Grandmaster Ken Cohen will guide you through a gentle movement practice to help you identify and release tension in your body and mind with sophisticated methods from the East. 

You can register for the FREE event here.  (Hurry ends 18 February!)

Tai Chi is a healing art that works on the entire system at once. It resets your whole being — moving the out-of-balance elements back into place.

In addition to deeper relaxation and stress relief, Tai Chi offers many other health benefits, including better balance and boosted immunity. 

Ken is beloved by his students worldwide for his friendly and engaging teaching style — making ancient healing arts easy to understand and a joy to practice...

… and he’ll help you discern exactly where you're holding tension in your body, so you can let it go, freeing yourself to cultivate wellness.

It’s free but you will need to RSVP to attend. Don't miss out. This free event is only available for the next seven days! (Hurry ends 18 February!)

With love and blessings,
Jackie ♥

P.S. In this healing 1-hour virtual event with Tai Chi Grandmaster Ken Cohen, you’ll:

  • Explore the many benefits of Tai Chi — including better balance, boosted immunity, increased power to cope with stress, deeper levels of relaxation, and much more
  • Discover the differences between Tai Chi and Qigong — and how Tai Chi guides you to ask, How can I utilize my body’s entire healing system?
  • Improve your Tai Chi practice by correcting common mistakes that even longtime practitioners make
  • Move through a completely new guided movement practice — one movement that incorporates all of the principles of the entire Tai Chi form as you transition from stillness into motion

Reserve your free spot in: Explore the 4 Hidden Energies of Tai Chi for Unwavering Balance: Discover an Ancient Movement Practice for Immunity, Stress Relief & Deep Relaxation and experience a Tai Chi sequence that takes you from stillness to motion — so you can release tension, calm your mind, reconnect with the natural world, and cultivate joy. 

P.S.S: If you find this information helpful and think it may be of interest to others, please be kind and share it!

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