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Do you Need Cushioning Running Shoes?

Cushioning running shoes (also known as neutral running shoes) are designed for runners with high and sometimes rigid arches. Their feet roll outwards when they are running and do not provide effective shock absorption. Their knees may stay neutral or move outwards. These runners are known as underpronators.

The shoes of underpronators wear more along the outside edges of the sole. This is a result of the runner's foot landing on the heel first and then rolling out. There is no pronation to absorb the shock of impact. This running gait puts a lot of pressure on the lower legs. Underpronators are more susceptible to ankle sprains, stress fractures, and pain on outside of knee or shin. 

Check out this video demonstration on underpronation:

Cushioning shoes are designed to specifically for the underpronator. They provide cushioning and a flexible forefoot. However, there is no motion control or stability features.

If you overpronate while running, than Motion Control Running Shoes are for you.

If you only slightly pronate while running, then Stability Running Shoes are for you.

However, if you are an underpronater, then you should check out the cushioning shoes below.

Cushioning Running Shoes!

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Neutral Running Shoes for Women

Neutral Running Shoes for Men

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