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Help us to help you and receive a free copy of Positive Affirmations for Running! This audio contains 20 positive affirmations for running recorded with soothing harp music to help you create a strong self-image and overcome fears and weaknesses. They are energizing and motivational and can help you discover your true potential and achieve your running goals!

By completing our short runners questionnaire, you will be helping us to help you by sharing your running desires, problems and frustrations with us. This information will greatly help us understand what we need to do to help our readers. The questionnaire will only take you a few minutes and the entire questionnaire is shown below. 

We ask you to provide your name and email address as we would like to know more about our readers. We do not spam and we value your privacy. Our very strict Privacy Policy outlines what we do with any collection of information we receive from our visitors.

Upon completion of this questionnaire, you will be given instant access to download free Positive Affirmations for Runners so you can begin to discover your true potential today!

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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