How to Prevent Injuries
for Runners

Learning how to prevent injuries is the best way to ensure a long running career. Every year up to 60 percent of runners become injured. 

Some injuries require months or years of rehabilitation. Some runners never fully recover from an injury physically and emotionally. Sometimes injuries can leave emotional scars in which runners becomes fearful of injuries and can no longer relax and enjoy running.  

Injuries often create fear and tension in the body and prevent runners from giving their best.  Their entire health and well-being can be affected which defeats the whole purpose of running. 

Learn how to prevent injuries. It is so much easier than trying to recover from them.

There are mental, emotional and physical aspects to injury prevention for runners. All three must be in balance for you to remain injury free. 

Mental Aspects

How to Prevent Injuries

To run injury free, your mind must be clear and your full attention on how you are running. If you are tired and distracted, it is not the time to give your body a workout. Lack of attention often causes injuries that could easily be avoided.

Develop mental clarity and a positive attitude towards yourself and others. Be gentle and sensitive to your body's needs. Be confident in your own abilities and develop a healthy attitude towards competition.

Develop the ability of mentally staying in the present moment. Meditation can help you with this. Try Running and Meditation.

Emotional Aspects

Are your emotions creating stress in your body? If you are frustrated, angry or agitated, you will be tense and distracted when running and a prime candidate for an injury. Take a few minutes to bring your breathing back to normal before you begin running. Getting your emotions under control is an important aspect of learning how to prevent injuries.

When you feel emotionally stressed, your breathing patterns will be irregular. Take slow, deep breaths until your breathing returns to normal. You will feel better and you are less likely to injure yourself. Before you begin running, try the breathing exercise in this video: 

Physical Aspects

To prevent injuries, you need to develop your physical strength through proper preparation and training. Improper training can lead to over-training and injuries. Patience and a gradual increase in stamina will keep you injury free. 

Your training doesn't have to hurt to develop stamina. Be patient and allow your body to develop and accommodate the extra demands of your training. Follow a professionally designed training program or find an experienced mentor. Join a local running group. Some of them have training clinics lead by a running coach. It is a great way to meet experienced runners who are more than willing to give you helpful advice. 

Running in Perfect Harmony

When all three aspects are in perfect alignment, you will be performing your best with little risk of injury. It is in this state that you are most likely to get in "the zone" or experience "runner's high." You are running effortlessly and the miles pass by quickly. It is a state that runners love and why runners love running.

It is the joy of running and you are mostly likely to experience it when your mental, emotional and physical aspects are all in balance. Your body is strong, relaxed and energized. Your mind is clear and you are focused on the present moment. Your mind and body are in perfect harmony. It is your best defense against injuries.

Check out these 9 Tips for Injury Prevention.

If you are suffering from a running injury, the Tapping Solution may help you recover quickly and easily.

Learn how to give yourself a myofascial release or self-massage when you learn How to Use a Foam Roller.

Most common running injuries:

IT Band Syndrome

Plantar Fasciitis

The Cure for Plantar Fasciitis

Runners Knee

Stress Fracture

Achilles Tendonitis

Shin Splints

Top of Foot Pain

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